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Sigma Beauty FX brush Set Makeup Review

Sigma Beauty FX Brush Set Review

Sigma Beauty sent me as a PR sample their limited edition FX Brush set, so I did a makeup review. You can buy the set at So I got this kit and with the kit I got a few other products, I got three eye shadows, a highlighter and probably the most realistic, a transfer 3D scar and best smelling fake blood I have ever used, can I buy some more please? Let me first talk about the blood, which impressed me so much. I usually buy fake blood and it’s usually to red, while this one is the perfect mix between red, brown and yellow. It looks so realistic that it blew me away. It also is the best smelling fake blood I have ever used. I have not notice that they sell this on their website.

Sigma Beauty FX brush Set

I have tested for my makeup review, the Sigma Beauty FX brush set for over a month. I usually avoid doing reviews anything sooner. I have been using this set for all my recent SFX and Halloween makeup tutorials, which you can check out. This limited edition makeup brush set was created by international makeup artist and founder of Hollywood Makeup Lab, Bruna Nogueria. Bruna hand-picked 11 brushes which she herself would use on set. The makeup brushes which she picked can be used for various detailed artistry work and special effects makeup projects.

Sigma Beauty FX brush Set

Before I write about each brush individually, I wanted to mention a few things. All of these brushes are not only very good for special effects and Halloween makeup, but I also love using them for my everyday makeup needs. Some of the brushes are ideal and if not better than other Sigma Beauty brushes for things such as applying concealer around the eye area. I will be mentioning which brushes I love the most and why. Sigma Beauty FX brush set delivers what Sigma Beauty promises, high quality as pro Special effects brushes. This set is also a must have for face painter. The bristles are ideal for applying face paint. I have also used them multiple times in a few of my recent face paint tutorials, such as Minions 2015 Face Paint Tutorial. Make sure to watch the video above where you can see the entire kit which I got from Sigma Beauty and how to use the brushes, you will be able to see them in action.

Sigma Beauty FX brush Set Makeup Review

So, before I end this makeup review of Sigma Beauty FX brush set, I wanted to mention what each brush is not only amazing for SFX makeup and face painting, but also can be used in the beauty world. Don’t forget to use my Sigma Beauty coupon code and save 10% on your purchase, also make sure to check back and see if there is another coupon code where you can get an even bigger saving a the Sigma Beauty Memorial Day sale where you got 20% off.

FX1 – ideal for scratches and fake fur, face paint and applying cream products.

FX2 – ideal for adding latex, a thick and no streak face paint larger areas and sharp contouring

FX3- ideal for latex and glue remover, face paint smaller areas and primers

FX4 – ideal for setting powder and powder blush or pressed powder

FX5 – ideal for hard to reach areas for setting powders, application and blending of concealers around the eye area.

FX6 – dense brush, ideal for bruises and blending dry/powder face paint or smokey eyes

FX7 – same as FX6 just smaller

FX8 – smaller version of FX1, smaller scratches and fur, face paint smaller areas.

FX9 – angled brush, idea for small veins, cuts, age spots, wrinkles and eyeliner

FX10 – same as FX9 but smaller and more detailed work.

FX11 – Silicone tip, carving into nose and scar wax, adding facial hair.

Sigma Beauty FX Brush Set Review



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