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Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek Poppy Makeup Review & Swatches

I am doing a short makeup review of Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek in Poppy. I got this PR sample a few months ago at a Kryolan beauty event for the Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek. I know that I was going to originally review this right after I got it but summer came and went and I just never got around to it. Ok, so this Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek product is a new product which can be both used on the cheeks and the lips or in short on the face. I might not recommend using some shades around the eyes since many red shades are not FTP approved to be used on or around the eyes. The only thing which Kryolan claims for this product is that it’s a water-resistant cream that colors lips and cheeks with a natural touch. It comes in a 10 ml tube with a more modern Kryolan design. The product, like all Kryolan products, are made in Germany. The Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek come in eleven shades which vary between, reds, pinks, oranges and coral shades.

Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek

During the event, I managed to get swatches of all the Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek shades for this makeup review. Besides that, as I wrote above, I got a PR sample of the shade poppy. Poppy was used during the event to demonstrate how to get a fake but realistic summer tan something like bronzed skin but natural looking. Besides that I wanted to mention that before you open the tube, make sure to squeeze it a lot in a few different ways to shake up the product. If you squeeze the product right out then you will get some gooey water like substance. If you do, then just close the cap and squeeze the tube again and everything will be fine. The tube is a very practical and travel kit friendly packaging. The shade of Poppy is a orange shade. On my lips it becomes orange, the darkness or lightness of the orange shade will depend if I applied foundation on my lips or some lip liner or nothing at all. The Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek product in texture reminds me of my MUA luxe velvet lip lacquers but a bit smoother. On dry lips this might be to drying.

Kryolan Lip N' Cheek Swatches Review

Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek Swatches

The Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek when used on the lips, is very velvety and smooth when applying and when it dries it gets a matte satin finish.  Working with lip products like this can be tricky. You have to find the right amount if you do not want your lips to flake. I usually apply a thin coat since this product is advertise to give a natural finish which means that it probably wasn’t intended to have multiple layers. When it comes to such products trial and error work best to find the right amount. When you do apply a thin layer on your lips it looks natural and is ideal for summer lips even on dry lips. If you want a more glossy finish then apply a lip balm ahead of time and then you will get your own unique lip gloss shade and possible something like a lipstick. I have eaten dinner and drank with this product and I can confirm that out of all similar product I have at home for personal use, this one is the most long lasting and most durable when it encounters food and water. When using the Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek on the cheeks I can confirm that it looks amazing and it long lasting, even longer lasting than my cream blushes. Most cream blushes aren’t water resistant and besides being super pigmented, you need half a pea size, it stays on the cheeks like no ones business.

Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek Swatches & Makeup Review

To conclude this Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek I would like to say that in my opinion this is a must have staple product in a makeup artist kit. Say goodbye to your cream blushes but rather get a few shades of these and you are set for a year without breaking a sweat. On the lips this is ideal for “blushing brides” that do not like to wear a lot of makeup and prefer the more natural looking lips. Kryolan is my kind of brand, never disappointed me with the quality. Make sure to also read my Kryolan LCP650 lipstick review, might just be the ideal red shade for all skin tones. Besides being water resistant it’s also transfer resistant so kiss away. Why should these be in your kit? They can be use as blush, as a lip stain, as a lip base or just alone. Using this before your lipstick will make your lipstick last longer and will stay on the lips even if your lipstick fades. 

The shades which are available are: Rose, Dahlia, Poppy, Amaryllis, Tulip, Freesia, Petunia, Orchid, Hibiscus, Lilly i Lotus. The picture below was taken with my cell phone so the colors might not be true to the actual color.

  • Rose –  rose color
  • Dahlia – rust brown
  • Poppy: orange
  • Amaryllis – light milky brown
  • Tulip – brick orange red
  • Freesia – nude
  • Petunia – medium nude rose (two shades darker than hibiscus)
  • Orchid – deep berry
  • Hibiscus – medium pink peach (two shades lighter than Petunia)
  • Lilly – light peach (one shade darker and warmer than Hibiscus)
  • Lotus – bright pink

Shades which I recommend for your makeup kit are:



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