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Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner: Rhyme & Reason Eyeliner

Lime Crime Rhyme & Reason Eyeliner Set

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner: Rhyme & Reason Eyeliner, are finally here and they are only going to be available for the next 20 hours. This offer will start on Oct 22 Noon PST  and will end Oct 23 at 8 am PST. The new eyeliners will be part of the Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner Collection, but if you miss this offer you will have to wait until the end of the holidays to purchase these new colors. Hurry and get your set now. You can see all the swatches below which I have linked from their official website. to be honest I never trust the swatches that I see on the sellers website, why? Well since they work with perfect cameras and I strongly believe that they are photo shoped! But you can see below the Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner: Rhyme & Reason Eyeliner swatches.

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner Collection

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner collection, is a good deal. I wanted to update this post and write that I did receive PR samples from Lime Crime Makeup on the CITREUSE & BLUE MILK. I am testing them and getting them ready for a review, I have other PR samples sent to me before they did. So the makeup review of Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner is coming up after the holidays. I hope that I won’t be disappointed with the eyeliners since I usually am that is why I stick to cream eyeliners. The new lime crime Rhyme & Reason are part of the Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner Collection set for 25% off the entire Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliner Collection which contains seven original eyeliners, excluding these two Limited Edition shades for $69.99

Here are a few pictures and swatches from the Lime Crime eyeliners. The swatches are from lime crime makeup and they feature the whole Lime Crime Makeup Colorful Eyeliner Collection.

Should you buy it or not, honestly?

READ MY Lime Crime Makeup Liquid Eyeliner Review (my swatches do not turn out as the ones from their website)

In conclusion should you buy it? My honestly opinion, I’ll be skipping this it because: to pricey for an eyeliner even with the lime crime discount offer. For my personal and professional use I have found that Sigma Beauty Defining Eyes by TiffanyD Makeup Palette is a better investment. Why? Well you get two HQ (high quality) eye liners + and eye liner brush as a gift with all $30 purchases. But that is not it! you also get 8 eyeshadows and one duo-sided eye pencil + a duo-side makeup brush for only $55. But also, If you are going to buy Sigma Beauty please use my Sigma Brushes Coupons for 2013 and save 10% on your total + check out the other current offers and discounts and deals.

Also you can easily make your own colorful eyeshadows by using water or an eye sealer + any Sigma Brushes Eye Shadow Palette.

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