Fall Fashion lookbook 2014

Here is a fun Fall Fashion lookbook idea for 2014. This fall I find that ripped jeans, high heel booties and colorful colors will be in fashion unlike the standard dark colors which we commonly see each fall. I also find that these cool round cat eye sunglasses are not only trendy but add to the urban look. Having a very loud colored wallet will make these bleak and rainy autumn days look more bright and fun! I see pink nails and golden glitter will be fashionable again this fall no only on the nails as nail art but also jewelry. Statement bracelets and t-shirts are back while necklaces are toned down. Ripped jeans are back, whether they be bleached or dark navy colored. When it comes to shoes, as I wrote above, booties are back in fashion and the tie up ones. animal print bag and coats are back and nude shade coats are also trending.

Fall Fashion lookbook idea for 2014

Hopefully this gave you a look into my closet this year. I do plan to make a video about my winter collection very soon. What are you wearing this fall?

Fall Fashion 2014


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