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How I contour and highlight (inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Contouring and Highlighting)

Today instead of showing you Kim Kardashian’s Contouring and Highlighting video, I will show you how I contour and highlight my face. This makeup tutorial was inspired by the famous makeup artist legend Mario Dedivanovic, who after kevyn aucoin, left a mark in the beauty industry. Kevin Aucoin was not only one of the best makeup artists ever, but he was a big influence and inspiration to many makeup artist, such as me and even Mario Dedivanovic. So in the spirit of great makeup artist, I have been practicing and trying to develop my own contouring and highlighting video.

how to contour and highlight

For my Contouring and Highlighting makeup tutorial you will need a few products. I will list what products you need below. Make sure to use the same products or if you want any products that you have at hand. You can use cream, whipped liquid foundations. I personally prefer cream foundations for many personal reasons.  I am a big fan of creams since day one and like liquid foundation but only a few brands live up to the magic that a cream foundation can do. Cream foundations are not everyday makeup but they are makeup that you want to use for special events or other camera friendly events.

contouring and highlighting makeup tutorial

Here are the products that I used in my Contouring and Highlighting makeup tutorial video,

Contouring and Highlighting mario dedivanovic

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