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Signs you are a nail polish addict

Signs you are a nail polish addict

Recently,  you could have read my signs you are addicted to makeup, so in that spirit I decided to post another similar post that many will be able to associate with. Here are a few signs that you are a nail addict, and no I don’t mean nails for hammering but nail polishes.

1. When someone close tells you, you need to stop buying nail polish

2. You got time for that, unlike everyone else

3. You nail art designs have improved dramatically

4. You automatically notice all the varnishes

5. Your friends ask you what you want for Christmas..

6. Your nail brakes

7. You’re willing to try anything to save that nail


8. just to avoid having your nails look like this


9. When someone mentions 50 shades of gray, you get very excited


10. There are no two alike nail polish shades

11. You try hard to not buy nail polishes

12. Why you fail your no-buy challenges

13. What you wish your boyfriend would say

14. You take NO risks when going to your local nail salon

15. When you recommend a base, your friends think you’re talking about music

16. Nightmares happen even when you are awake

17. You and your nail blogger friends

18. your nail polish collection is under control sorted by brand and color, nothing to worry about


19. Your friends asks you why you have 10 shades of blue varnish

20. OPI , Essie and China Glaze just released their new collection

21. Your friends are serial nail polish killers

22. OPI is a nail-tease

23. Nail art is porn


24. There is no such thing as a nail polish addiction



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