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nine inspiration names for your blog

Last week, you might have read my post on 5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name. You guys loved that post and as I wrote in that post, today I’m writing up a follow up post about blog names. I’m sharing with you nine inspiration for creating unique blog names for your blog. Since I am a beauty blogger, I wanted to give back to the blogger community and help a few newbie bloggers with a few unique names. Keep in mind that these names might already be taken, I have not searched Google to check these names to see if they are taken.

Nine inspiration names for your blog

So here are my nine inspiration names for your blog. Make sure to also check out my other blogger tips tuesday posts for more tips and ideas how to get noticed as a blogger.

  1. Obvious words such as makeup, beauty, blog, blogger,

Makeup Blog / Beauty Blog

Makeup Blogger / Beauty Blogger

Makeup & Beauty Blogger

  1. Not so obvious names such as beat, selfie, on fleek, guru, Blot, cakey,

Makeup on fleek

Beauty guru

Makeup blot

Cakey Beauty

  1. Geographic such as, your current location, south coast, west coast…etc.

West coast beauty

Northern makeup blogger

NYC Beauty Blogger

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  1. Ethnic specific, you can focus on a particular race or ethnicity

Ebony Obsession

Latina Beauty

Asian beauty blogger

  1. Your real or artist name, some of very popular beauty bloggers actually use their name

Michelle Phan


Lisa Eldridge

  1. Random fun words, adding your favorite color, words, products to make up your own unique name

Love and Makeup

Cinnamon Beauty

Lavender Beauty

Glitter, Shimmer and Lipstick

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  1. Budget or high end, sometimes you have bloggers that only focus on a certain area in makeup

High End blogger

Budget blogger

Bargain blogger

  1. Makeup or Beauty Product Words: such as, eye shadow, foundation, powder…etc.

Foundation on point

Cracked eye shadow

powder dust

  1. Foreign languages such as French, Russian, Italian, …etc

Maquillaje magic

Rougir Blogger

Colur blogger

Hopefully, This post, nine inspiration for creating unique blog names for your blog, and the previous blog, 5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name, have helped you come up with a new unique name for your blog. I hope that this will help any blogger that is currently changing their blogs name or help those that are just starting a blog.

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