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5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name

Today I’m going to share with you 5 basic steps to choosing a blog name. I know that I have rebranded my blog four times until I came to my current name SmashinBeauty. I closed and restart my blog four times and started from scratch. I think that your blog name will make your blog or break you blog. I’ll admit, it’s hard coming up with a blog name. Coming up with a unique yet catchy blog name is challenging. Major brands (after the 1940s) have spent thousands and thousands of dollars getting a brand name and logo, but you are not a multimillionaire brand, but just a blogger.

5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name

I hope that these 5 basic steps to choosing a blog name will help you find the perfect name so that you aren’t infringing someone’s trademark. It’s important to come up with a very unique name, which no one can accuse you of stealing. Stealing a blog name even means using a blog name which sounds like the original one. I myself and other brands such as makeup geek, have been exposed to other bloggers trying to rub off our own very unique website name. Imagine someone using your blog name, it’s very similar to that artist that basically stole other people’s pictures on Instagram and made over hundreds of thousands dollars of their work.

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5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name

One thing to keep in mind is that rebranding your blog is not a big thing, but it is easy. So, before you get your domain name think twice. If you Google, how to pick a blog name, you will come up with many blogs writing about and even some blog name generator which is not at all helpful. So since I really didn’t find any helpful tips concerning blog names, I wanted to share my 5 basic steps to choosing a blog name since I today think that these five steps will be very helpful for all newbie bloggers.

5 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name

Step 1. Your Niche

Make sure to take out a paper and write down your niche, for example, wedding blog, makeup and beauty blog, fashion blog, food blog, lifestyle blog,…etc. It’s important to keep this in mind since later on it will be important.

Step 2. Length

Decide how long you want your blog name to be, for example, one word, two words…etc. If you are aiming for a longer blog name, then make sure it’s something everyone can remember after reading it for the first time.

Step 3. Relating Words

Now on the same paper make sure to write down all words related to your niche. These words can be common words related to your niche or personal names, for example for a Paleo food blog you could write down words like, bacon, coconut, paleo, healthy, health…etc. You can also make up words, or even misspell words, but make sure it’s something your readers can remember.

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Step 4. Mixing Words

Now after deciding which words are important to you and should match and mix those words to come up with a unique blog name.

Step 5. Checking

Make sure to check if those words pop up online. If you find a blog, which has that name, back to the drawing board. If you find a blog that sounds very much like your blog, back to the drawing board. Why you ask? Well first of all, your blog will be lost in Google. If you came up with a blog name that no one is using run and grab that domain name, it’s just a matter of days before someone else comes up with that name, I guarantee it.

Make sure to tune in next week, since I will also be writing up a second part of this blog called nine inspiration name for beauty blogs.

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