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The Summer Beauty Bible

The Summer Beauty Bible

Make sure to watch my youtube video the summer beauty bible. In the video you can see me cover these topics and give additional tips and tricks concerning the topics below. The summer beauty bible will cover various topics concerning typical summer things that happen such as sunburns, mosquito bites, sweat proof makeup… etc and other things that happen to us all each summer but we think that this is only happening to us. So make sure to read and share this article if you agree with the interesting points made below. I know that all of the topics covered below always happen to me during one summer; it’s basically unavoidable.

Treat Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes usually tend to bite me on my ankles and calves and sometimes arms, but have you ever had that moment in time, I mean I know I have, when a mosquito bites you on your face? I actually had a mosquito bite me on my forehead and I was supposed to go out with the girls and I was in utter panic on how to resolve this bite as soon as possible. If you have a mosquito bite on a very visible spot or just on any old spot here are a few tips that I know will help.

  • Dab 1% hydrocotisone ointment on the bump to reduce the inflammation and redness
  • Take an antihistamine pill which will help reduce the swelling

After you treated the mosquito bite, it’s time to cover it with makeup. You should cover it up as if you were going to cover a pimple. If you haven’t seen my makeup tutorial how to cover acne as a pro, make sure to check it out.

Sweating like a hog

When I was in my twenties, especially my early twenties I had this problem and the best way to describe it is saying that I started to sweat like a hog. I guess it’s a genetic thing since everyone in my family sweats a lot but the older I got the more this problem go under control on it’s own. Here are a few tips that I figured out on my own.

  • Take a cold shower. After the beach my body was over heated and to cool down my body temperature I would take an ice cold shower. I would start off with a warm shower and slowly turn the temperature down until I hit icecold water. This really did help cool my body’s temperature and helped me control my sweating issues.
  • Another problem that tends to happy in summer is your feet getting slippery. This can be due to a few things: sunscreen, poor shoe quality (plastic or similar slippery inner shoe sole) and last but not least your feet just sweat a lot naturally. Nothing to be ashamed of at all it’s all normal. When you get out of the shower dry your feet with a towel and then with your hair dryer, set it to cool, completely dry your feet.
  • If you sweat a lot on your arm pits you can try one of these like “tapes” or “patches” for your arm pits if you are wearing a shirt (never personally helped me but did help a few of my friends). Before you go to bed, and after your shower, make sure that you under arm area is completely dry, apply your favorite antiperspirant.
  • If for any reason you tried all the possible antiperspirants and you still sweat like crazy please ask your dermatologist for some advice or stronger antiperspirant.
  • For those that sweat like crazy, it is know that Botox can help in very extreme cases. This will help you stay sweat proof for 3 – 7 months. Not sure where the sweat will come out since it has to come out somewhere but best to consult with your dermatologist about Botox treatments.

Treat A Sunburn

If you have paler skin then you know what sunburn is all about. When I was younger and “braver” I thought avoiding sunscreen would help me get a tan faster, but boy was I wrong. The only thing it helped me with was getting sunburn. So I do not advice ever tanning without a sunscreen. So, if you noticed that you got sunburn try these few tips and tricks that might just help cut you get rid of your sunburn faster. I actually wrote an entire post on how to treat sunburn so make sure to check out my how to treat a sunburn post for all details. The post will show you how to cut sunburn short.

Blisters be gone

I just hate that at the beginning of summer I always get blisters. I never knew how to treat a blister until a dermatologist told me to stop peeling them. I sweat I have blister scars on my feet. My dermatologist said, first leave the blister alone and apply a band-aid over it. Then if you can try to drain it. You can drain it by popping a small hole with a sterilized needle. Let the liquid drain out and then cover it with Band-Aid. Make sure to change the Band-Aid on a daily base to avoid infections or irritations. Try avoid wearing shoes that touch or cover your blister to help the blister heal as fast as possible.

Avoid makeup meltdown

Instead of writing a short paragraph about this very long topic, I already wrote a topic about this very important topic so make sure to read my article and watch a video about Summer makeup tips and tricks (avoid absolute makeup meltdown)

Poison Ivy remedies

If Oak or Sumac Ivy stung you then quickly take a bar of soap wash the infected area. It important to act as soon as possible, so basically within 5 – 10 minutes, this will help reduce the rash by 50%. This will also help control the rash so that it doesn’t spread to other parts of your body. If you get blisters then you use a Domeboro soap which will dry the blister up and as soon as it’s gone take a cool bath with colloidal oatmeal and apply a hydrocortisone cream to reduce itching.

Acne Breakout on your chest

I got this year but that is because I feel asleep with sunscreen on my skin and my skin is very sensitive to everything. I have to wash off all the sunscreen from my body at the end of the day if I want to avoid any breakouts. In short acne breakouts on the skin happen because of sunscreen, so make sure to shower with your favorite shower gel after the beach. The mistake many of us make is that the sunscreen will wash off if we go swimming and take that cool shower on the beach, but in reality you are still left with a small film on your body from the sunscreen and you need a body wash to take it off, water and seawater won’t just due. After you treated your acne, make sure to cover it. You can see how I cover my acne and acne scars in my makeup tutorial.

Control your frizz

If you have curly hair you have that beautiful yet annoying hair frizz. Try using a shampoo and conditioners that contain silicones that will help control your frizz. When your hair is wet try to apply any oils (which control frizz) such as Maracoon oil and comb it out. If you want to let your hair air dry, then let it, just avoid touching it, but make sure to apply a stay-in or oils which reduce frizz and you will be fine.

Bikini-line irritations

I never had this but know many women that do. These usually pop up after you shave. I get them on my legs. For example, if I shave and then go to the beach my skin get these very annoying red bumps after I entered the sea. The only way I can get rid of them as soon as possible is to get out of the sea and rinse my legs with cold clean water. The salt actually irritates my freshly shaven legs which results in red bumps. This is why I sugar wax my bikini zone.  If you have red bumps on your bikini zone are try to use use one of these tips

  • Moisturizing shaving cream – sometimes your body is very sensitive and needs more hydration so using a moisturizing shaving cream might help
  • New razor – you might be using an old shaver. The best shavers have four blades. All shavers should be tossed after a few uses. Bacteria will grow on old blades.
  • Antibacterial soap – wash your bikini zone (not vjayjay) this will help kill the bacteria on your inflammations

Hopefully these tips have helped you or you discovered something new, got a tip? Leave a comment below!

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