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Beauty Tricks With Baby Powder


Even though it can be very helpful at times, getting advice from other people is generally not well received. We all like to think that we know everything already and that our way is the best way. This can be especially true when it comes to beauty tricks that we have stuck with for ages. The good thing about our modern way of communicating is that you can get tips and tricks for makeup by simply reading about them online, allowing you to skip over unsolicited advice from over confident friends. So here I will provide down to earth information of things that I like to use that you can incorporate on your own. Hopefully I will get your on your way to looking your best.

Using baby powder for oily hair

First off, let’s start with your hair. Some people have oily hair, and that can make your hair look flat and unwashed. One of the most effective, and easiest, remedies for oily hair is to use baby powder. It should be said, however, that beauty tricks with baby powder as they relate to hair are really intended for blonde hair. If you have light or blonde hair, try sprinkling a small amount of baby powder right on the roots of your hair and at the top of your head. The powder will soak up any excess oil and prevent that oil from spreading to the rest of your hair. Brunettes may want to try investing in shampoo especially designed for oily hair rather than using any powder because it will contrast too sharply with your hair color.

Finding the right powder brushes

Let’s move on to a different kind of powder, as in the powder you put on your face. Here what I will say is not so much about beauty tricks as it is about which products to use. In my experience, the powder brushes from Sigma Beauty are the best buy for the money. The brushes made from natural materials, goat hair in this case, are softer but may cost a little more money. Having said that, both the synthetic and the natural bristles feel softer to me than other brushes in a similar price range. The key to these brushes is to purchase them as a kit, because that is how you will get the best value. If you buy the brushes individually, your choices on types of brushes will be more limited.

Applying lipstick

Another name in the world of makeup that I turn to is Makeup Geek. These products come in bold colors that are intended for you to make a statement. Makeup Geek is especially known for its unique shades of lipstick that keep their color for the duration of your time out. The lipsticks are packed with pigment and have a really creamy texture. For those reasons, they appear more delicate and softer on the lips. It is important, therefore, to store them away from any heat source and to be very gentle during application. Pressing too hard can damage the tube and will result in applying too much.


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