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How to treat a sunburn (cut a sunburn short)

How to cut a sunburn short

Today’s post is a very simple one where I will write a few short tips and tricks on how to cut a sunburn short or better said how to treat a sunburn. To avoid sunburns make sure that you always use a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF. If you are very pale then try 30+ SPF. I will be writing up a post on the difference in SPFs and what that actually means and why you need them during the winter period. Since a few of my closest friends get sunburns every summer I decided to write up a post in hope that they read this and that it helps treats their sunburn fast. Some people that get sunburns also tend to get sun allergies so this is why I highly advise to avoid getting sunburns since this can lead to sun allergies.

How to treat sunburns tips and tricks

Here are a few very simple and easy how to treat sunburns tips and tricks. Make sure to share this post with your friends that you know that get sunburns each year!

  • Aspirin – I have tried this and it works like a charm. An aspirin not only helps reduce the pain but the prostaglandins in the aspirin contain very strong anti-inflammatory agents, which help reduce the skin’s inflammation and subdermal tissues.
  • Keep it cool – a cold shower will help decrease blood flow to your skin, since a sunburn increases it.
  • Aloe Vera Or Menthol – Try to use 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel if you can’t find that then a cream that contains menthol to help cool the skin. Avoid all creams and gel that contain alcohol since this will cause the skin to peel.
  • Yogurt – this is an old home remedy that did help reduce my sunburn as a child. Try not to use just any old yogurt but rather a live cultured plain yogurt (best from health eco-friendly & GMO-free shops) since these kinds of natural yogurts contain the minerals and vitamins that your body and skin need in order to alleviate your sunburn pain.The yogurt will dry and crack on the skin, then wash it off and apply a second coat.
  • Stay hydrated – At this point your body’s skin is severely dehydrated and needs some fluid as soon as possible. It’s important to stay hydrated and avoid foods and drinks that dehydrate your body such as coffee, sodas, peanuts, chips…etc.
  • Potatoes – potatoes in the good old days, not only saved half of Europe from starvation but it also was used to reduce high temperatures and draw out your bodies heat. Slice a potato into thin strips and apply them onto your sunburned skin. You can apply yogurt then potato slices to speed up the produces.
  • Shaving cream – I wanted to write this one down but honestly I have never tried it. If you only have shaving cream, the one that cools the skin while shaving, use it. Some shaving creams contain cooling agents and this can be a great instant trick to reduce sunburn before you get something else.
  • Wear loose clothing – You know that even a linen sheet touching your body will make your scream. If you must go to the beach with sunburn, make sure to wear and swim in a loose white (only white) T-shirt. The white color will help reflect the sun (like a mirror) and basically push it away from you, unlike black, which attracts the sun. This is why most houses are painted white in the mediterranean, it keeps the house cool.
  • Avoid the sun at all cost 
  • Lukewarm showers – When showering try to shower in lukewarm water. The shower will help with your circulation and try to let your body air dry so that it can soak up additional moisture.
  • Never touch blisters – you will just make it worse.
  • Never add ice – Ice can burn the skin and stick to it, imagine what pain you might experience.
  • Vitamin E and C – take these vitamins to help heal sunburns.
  • Witch Hazel – Apply it before you shower since it will help prevent peeling of the skin, then after 15 minutes take a lukewarm shower.

How to treat a sunburn

Hopefully these few tips and tricks, on how to treat a sunburn, have helped you alleviate your sunburn pain and cut your sunburn short. Leave a comment if you have some additional sunburn remedies that work.

how to cut a sunburn short


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