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1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2013

1920s flapper

My new 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013 was inspired by that era. I still haven’t made a makeup tutorial that would cover the 1920s. The flappers were very different for their time. They were young ladies that showed disdain for conventional dressing and behavior. My 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013 was inspired by the Flappers rebellious behavior! They were many of the brave woman that didn’t allow society to suppress them from being who they truly were, you got to respect that since it was the 1920s where it were mainly primitive times! the flappers were known to live for the moment and were considered inappropriate. I celebrates these woman with my 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013.

1920s Flappers Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2012

Halloween 2013 1920’s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

My 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013, celebrating the 1920s woman liberation. This wasone of the first “movements” after women could vote! Flappers decided to start wearing bobbed hair and instead of just dating one man they dated frequently and many men. My 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween, was inspired by their movements. The video was made in the style of the silent films that you could have seen made in the 1920s. I wanted to focus on the whole idea rather than just on the makeup! I wanted to give a 1920s feeling to the video since it is a Halloween makeup video. I hope that you like my idea and silent film. Here are a few clear pictures of my 1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013.

1920s Halloween Makeup 2012 Flappers

1920s Flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013

The 1920s flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013 products that I used are the following makeup products. Feel free to use any products that you have in handy and you do not have to use these products but you can use any products that you have or like. these are products that I like to use and have with me so that is why I am using them. The makeup look was inspired by:  silent films, 1920s film,  flapper girls, Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow and other 1920s movie actresses. I fyou like the movei the great gatsby then you can use this makeup look as a very realistic flapper girl makeup from the 1920s this is a very good recreation of the 1920s flapper makeup tutorial Halloween 2013

  • Illamasqua skin base foundation
  • Kryolan Concealers
  • La Femme blush – pink
  • NYX lip liner: Burgundy –  (review)
  • Graftobian Lip Palette Colors –  (review)
  • Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes (click here for 10% coupon codes)
  • Blush Professional 120 Matte Eye Shadow Palette (BUY 120 Matte Palette)
  • Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette (Buy)
  • Inglot Brow Powder

Evil PLan FX, Royal Banana, Hand Trolley, Plucky Daisy by: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Silent Movie Title Card


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