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Ron Burgunday makeup tutorial Halloween makeup tutorial

Today’s makeup tutorial was inspired by a movie which will be featured tomorrow in all theaters across the world. One man or better said the coolest man on the planet, the first real anchorman before todays anchormen. Yes, 10 years ago an awesome movie was made, tomorrow Anchorman 2 is released with Ron Burgundy. So I decided to make a makeup tutorial inspired by the amazing Ron. So I hope that you enjoy the intro of my makeup tutorial, since it was inspired by a few trailers from Anchorman 1 and 2. I had so much fun making the intro it really took me a while to edit it, while recording it was fun and it didn’t take me that long.

Ron Burgunday makeup tutorial

When I was making Anchorman 2 Ron Burgunday makeup tutorial, I was looking at the newest pictures and I noticed a few distinctive facial features on Ron’s face. Ron has a very narrow and long face. He has a long and narrow nose and he has very triangle nostrils. Another thing is that his chin is very noticeable and from the chin he has these two straight «wrinkles». Also, around the mouth Ron has those «smile wrinkles». Ron also has very mild puffy bags and he has very high cheek bones. So in the video you can see how I changed my face shape a bit so that it looks similar but not alike to that.

Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgunday makeup transformation

Feel free to use any similar products that you have for this Ron Burgunday. You do not have to use the same products but feel free to use any similar products. Most of the products that I used in my video are all available online and some are even available in stores. Also make sure to use any foundation that you like, liquid or cream. If you are a dude, skip the foundation for the Ron Burgunday makeup tutorial transformation and then just get a eyebrow pencil and a darker pressed powder foundation and you will be set. Also make sure to get a fake moustache to avoid buying addition makeup that you will never use. When you buy a fake moustache you can alter it to your liking with scissors, that is what I do everytime. If you want to get real, then contact a makeup artist for real moustache hair that you can glue on.

Anchorman 2 Ron Burgunday makeup tutorial

Here are the makeup products that I used in my Anchorman 2 makeup tutorial transformation. 

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