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Sigma Beauty Performance Kit Review

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The Sigma Beauty performance eyes kit is on the carpet today. I am going to review it but before I go ahead and write the pros and cons. The Performance kit was recently release. They are basically makeup brushes for focus on smaller details or smaller eyes. Usually most Sigma Beauty tend to be too big but performance eyes kit  is great for small eyes or details around the eyes. I honestly did not think, based on the pictures that the brushes would be any good. They just looked flimsy to be honest. I got the brushes as PR samples to test and review. Even today just looking at them I am like, they look weak and flimsy. In the newest kit you will get a set of eight eyes brushes at the price of $55.

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit Cons

Sigma Beauty performance eyes kit  Cons are as expected. I wanted to first focus on the kit’s con list then on the pros list. My main concern was that the brushes would be to flimsy. While reviewing the brushes and using them, I was a bit disappointed with one of the Sigma performance eyes kit. The Blending brush is very soft and you have to use a light hand. The brush could have used a bit more bristles. The bristles get to soft and it doesn’t “work” if applying to much pressure. There are brushes that are very similar, the waterline and tightline liner brush and the shader lid & inner corner brush are all similar and the only difference between these performance eyes kit  “pairs” are the size.

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit Pros

Sigma performance eyes kit  pros would be a vary of things and this is why I wanted to write about this after I focused on the cons list. The Pros of this kit is that it really is perfect and ideal for small eyes and for precision around the eyes. My favorite brushes would be the eye liner E11 because I never owned a small and perfect eyeliner brush. The Smudge E21 is ideal for the lower lids and of course for smudging. The Sigma Brushes performance eyes kit waterline & tightline liner, I have been looking a small synthetic brush that I could use on my waterline. The Shader inner corner E46 brush is the perfect size for most eyes when it comes to applying a highlighter to the tear duct area. The shader crease brush is also a good brush that is perfect for very small creases that are common on small eyes. I have been looking for a smudge, waterliner and a tear duct brush. The Performance Kit is the missing Sigma Beauty performance eyes kit I needed.

Conclusion of the New Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit

In Conclusion, the performance eyes kit  is for me, a must have! The brushes are the missing link that every makeup artist or person with small eyes need. I do recommend that you see if you have or need makeup brushes for small eyes to get this kit. If you get the Sigma Brushes performance eyes kit then please feel free to CLICK and activate a 10% OFF discount + get a FREE GIFT with orders over $30 use our code: click to view at check out. If you need makeup brushes for small eyes or for precision get this brush set. I just wish that the blending brush was stiffer since I wouldn’t then have to worry about how much pressure I am using with my Sigma Beauty performance eyes kit 


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