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Sexy New Year’s Eve Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Arabic Eye

The holidays are here and so is another Sexy New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial, Smokey eye makeup tutorial inspired by classic arabic eye makeup looks. I was looking at many and beautiful smokey arabic eye looks online from various makeup artist and got inspired to create my own version. I wanted to create a look inspired by arabic eye but yet that it wouldbe subtle and beautiful for a holiday makeup look without looking to dark. I created this look that would look good on most eye colors. I am certain that it would look great on brown, hazel, blue and green eyes. Also, please excuse my overvoice in the video I am still moving, I know it’s taking forever and my microphone is in the moving truck so please bare with me, thanks!

Sexy holiday makeup tutorial

When it comes to dark smokey eye makeup looks like this, I always recommend that you apply a light coat of transparent powder under your eyes so that it catched any fall outs. You can see in one moment in the video that I apply my translucent powder. For my sexy holiday makeup tutorial I decided to apply more dramatic fake lashes since the look is very dark and I have spars and thin lashes so I needed a bit more help to complete the look. I know that for the christmas holidays, I prefer to wear smokey eye look for dinner parties since tis the season when everything is very glamorous so why not my own makeup, right ladies?! When a makeup look is this heavy and dark I highly recommend you stick with any nude shades and avoid red lipstick since it will look way to dramatic.

Smokey Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial SmashinBeauty

Sexy New Year’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Since I am a big fan of dramatic makeup, I am a big fan of arabic and asian bridal makeup looks. I am still on the look out for a good magazine or book that features many looks so if you know any that you would recommend that have god tutorial or a complete look with asian bridal looks please feel free to leave me a comment below with a recommended book or magazine or even website. Now, I will list the makeup product I used in my  sexy new year’s smokey eye makeup tutorial. Please always, always use makeup products that you have and never feel pressured into buying makeup products that I use in my videos. I only use makeup products in my videos that I use on myself and on my clients. Due to many of my viewers that prefer to use drugstore makeup brands I wanted to use a few of my makeup products that I have in my upcoming makeup looks just so that you guys can see that even with drugstore makeup you can achieve amazing looks.

Sexy New Year’s Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Arabic Eye

The products that I used in my Sexy holiday smokey eye makeup tutorial are:

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