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Dirty Looks HK full head hair extensions review

Having short hair is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Since I got my hair cut much shorter than I wanted to I decided to get hair extensions so that I have the option to have long and short hair to my willing without suffering as if I am only limited to short hairstyles. I decided to get Dirty Looks HK full head hair extensions with Remy human hair. I already did a detailed video review of the products stating my pros and cons. In addition to that, I decided to write a written review with the hair extensions so that you can see what they look like in picture and a bit close up pictures and a short summary of what I think about them for people that prefer to read reviews over watching them.

Dirty Looks HK full head hair extensions

On Dirty Looks website, HK full head hair extensions are described as their favorite set which offers gorgeous, thick hair that includes a quad weft. The set contains 10 wefts that is 16 – 18” inches long and weighs 160g. The hair extensions are made from Remy human hair. These is the basic information from their website. I got the shade organic and late on I dyed it to get my exact hair shade. I do advise that you get one shade lighter than your own hair color (if you cannot find the exact shade) and then dye the hair extensions to get your ideal shade. Now I would like to write about the thickness and the quality of the Dirty looks HK hair extensions for this review.

Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions review

HK clip in hair extensions review

When reading other reviews, people usually don’t mention the thickness. The HK clip in hair extensions come in various weights. I took the 160g because naturally I have very thick and full hair. The reason I am stressing thick hair extensions is because if you get anything lighter than 150g (in some cases 120g) the hair will be to thin and it will look very unnatural, this is a common problem with eBay extensions, they are just to thin. The hair has a very silky and natural feeling to them. One thing that I highly recommend is that you use a very good and very hydrating conditioner for your extensions if you want them to always look amazing. The extensions look so natural (you can see it in my review video) that most comments under the video were about how natural it looks. The only “down side” to hair extensions is that it takes some time and practice to clip them in the correct way to make them seem natural.

Dirty Looks HK clip in hair extensions review

To sum up this review of Dirty Looks HK full head hair extensions, I wanted to say that they are made very well and you get additional clips just in case you need them, you get a care guide booklet, you are able to store your hair extensions in the net that is comes and the bag. Make sure to check out my How to care for your hair extensions video (a lot of demonstrating videos) to see what steps you have to do when you first get your hair extensions. I will also be making a video on how to put in hair extensions and how to style hair extensions with a flat iron or curling iron. This will be one video to show you how to place your extensions correctly.

Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review


  1. Consult with customer service to find your hair color
  2. Consult with customer service to find the right length and thickness
  3. READ the last page of the booklet that you get, it will give you detailed instructions on the return policies
  4. DO NOT OPEN or remove the VOID SEAL on the large side of the bag
  5. OPEN the small side of the bag to see if the color of the extensions is ok
  6. When styling the hair you MUST use a heat protector (choose the one with the highest protection up to 230*)

BUY: http://dirtylooks.com/full-head-hair-extensions

HK Full Head Hair Extensions set contain: 

  • 1.5″ x 2pc (1 clip)
  • 4″ x 5pc (2 clips)
  • 6″ x 2pc (3 clips)
  • 8″ Quad weft (4 clips)

*Other information

  • choose from 4 lengths and grams: 12-14″ 150g | 16-18″ 160g | 20-22″ 180g | 24-26″ 180g
  • 21 colors to choose from
  • HK Full Head Hair Extensions set doesn’t use lots of “1 clip wefts” as filler

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