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Sigma Beauty Highlighting Pencil Makeup Review & Swatches

Sigma Beauty Highlighting Pencil review swatches

Once I got my package from Sigma Beauty and opened it up, I haven’ stopped using this product and honestly love it and find that it truly is a must have in my kit! I am a big fan of highlighters and find that they are a must in every makeup artist’s kit. If you don’t have one then you truly are missing out! Sigma Beauty sent me (along with their brow powder duo in medium & brow pencil) this beautiful product that I fell in love with instantly and use it non-stop on my clients and myself. So let me tell you a little about this new makeup review product Sigma Beauty highlighting pencil.


Sigma Beauty Highlighting Pencil Makeup Review

For this makeup review let me tell you a bit about Sigma Beauty Highlighting pencil. This is a dual-ended pencil that focuses on subtle and more noticeable highlighting around the eyebrow area. If you want to accentuate your brow bone and define your eyebrows then this is a must have. One side (marked as the matte side) of the highlighting pencil gives a softer matte highlight while the other side of the pencil (marked as the shimmer side) gives a more shimmer effect for all you lovelies that want a more glamorous effect! So this pencil has it all depending on what you are looking for.


Sigma Beauty Highlighting Pencil Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this highlighting pencil would be the following things. The pencil is a jumbo pencil what is very standard for most brands but especially for NYX.  You do need a special big hole sharpener for this pencil in order to sharpen it. The highlighting pencil has a very soft and very easy blend-able texture so when you apply it you only need a light hand in order to get the most out of it.  So let’s look at the cons of this makeup review product Sigma Beauty’s highlighting pencil. Some of you might not like dual-ended pencils, while others love them since they save space. The Sigma Beauty product is really soft so be careful, you must always have the lid on the pencil (both ends) or you will destroy the pencil.  The matte side is perfect for subtle day makeup, while the shimmer side is perfect for more glamorous makeup and don’t worry the shimmer is very subtle. Overall the highlighting pencil really is worth the money you pay and it’s a must have product in my kit.


Discount Code for Sigma Beauty Highlighting Pencil

Now to complete this makeup review of Sigma Beauty highlighting pencil, this is a must have products, as I wrote a few times above since I find it to be the perfect highlighting pencil for eyebrows. I only wish that I could buy an individual pencil, only the matte side of the highlighting pencil, since I do see myself personally using that side more than the shimmer side. I have however used the shimmer side as a highlighter on the rest of my face and it turned out super duper cool to be 100% honest. Make sure to use my special Sigma Beauty Coupon 2013 and get 10% off your entire Sigma Beauty purchase when you are placing your order. Click here and  check out all current discount codes for Sigma Beauty 2013

Do you have any makeup from Sigma Beauty? Do you like the brand? Are you getting any of the brow products?


  • very pigmented
  • sleek & sturdy packaging
  • portable
  • very soft texture
  • blend-able
  • matte side
  • shimmer side (can be used as a highlighter on the skin)
  • 3.8g
  • 10% Sigma Brushes coupon code


  • availability (Internet shopping )
  • always place top back on after use


Product Pigmentation Texture Longevity Packaging
 5/5 5/5 4.8/5 5/5 4.9/5

*PR Sample


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