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Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer L02 (makeup review & swatches)

Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer L02 (makeup review & swatches)

Last year Sleek MakeUP released a product called Luminaire highlighting concealer and honestly I bought it right away and have been using it ever since. I have been using the product and I think I still have some in the tube but I can see that I am running low on the products since the texture is becoming  drier than it was when I first bought it. I wanted to write a review a while back about this products but life happens and then I have many products that just get lost in my makeup draws. This is why I now clean my makeup drawers every few weeks just to pull out the products that need to be used up before they expire or before I buy a similar new product! So let’s get down to the makeup review of Sleek MakeUP Luminaire.


Makeup Review: Sleek MakeUP Luminaire

The Sleek MakeUP on their website claims that the Luminaire highlighting concealer has moisturizing properties, brightens dark circles, conceals blemishes, fades imperfections while leaving you with a dewy and flawless complexion. The Sleek makeup Luminaire highlighting concealers come in five shades for all skin tones to get a natural and dewy finish. You get 3 ml (0.105 fl oz) of product in a long pen like with  brush applicator at one end. The current price of the product is $8,49. Now let’s talk about the packaging! As I wrote earlier the packaging comes in a pen like shape or better said the concealers come in a long black plastic pen-type packaging with a brush applicator on one end and a push-button on the other end. When pushed a few times it releases the concealer. It’s very portable and easy to use. The brush applicator has soft synthetic bristles and they are medium length. One thing to mention is that I do have to push the button a few times for the concealer to come out what does result in releasing to much product! To avoid this I do advise that you click twice and wait a bit for the Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting conealer to come out!

Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer Pen L02 L01 L03 L04 L05 Swatches Review Coupon Code

Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer Pros & Cons

The Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting concealer L02 is a yellow beige concealer which has a thicker consistence and is a bit on the drier texture side than my other highlighting concealer, such as my YSL, but at the same time it gives a smooth finish. I personally never use the brush applicator since it does cause streaking and I find it to be a bit unhygienic. To avoid applying to much product, I  push the button on the pen twice and apply the product on to the back of my hand and then transfer it onto my face with my Sigma Beauty concealer brush. The concealer is highly pigmented and a small amount goes a long way! If your under eye area is a bit dry first apply an eye cream then the Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting concealer. The reason is because the product can become flaky on dry areas. Apply a small amount of Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting concealer and if required blend the edges out with your fingers and set with powder to avoid creasing. If you do not set it with powder the product will crease.


Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer L02

The Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting concealer, does not contain shimmer but it does give a natural wake me up effect, aka fresh eyes! Since you have five shades to choose from, the shade that best compliments your skin tone you will get the most out of it! I can confirm that it does a good job in concealing dark circles under the eye or on the face and does give a fresh overall look. It however does not conceal well (at least shade #2) those dark acne scars which I have. It can brighten them but it won’t fully conceal them. You can see the dark scar on my chin in the before and after picture when I applied a small amount of the Sleek MakeUP Luminaire on it.

Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer Overall

To complete this review, overall the Sleek MakeUp Luminaire highlighting concealer, was a very good buy and I will be repurchasing it! This time around I will be getting the shade #1 and maybe #3. I really liked #2 but I want to try out the other shades. I think that if you liked or have tried the YSL highlighting concealer pen, you should try this product to but do expect a different and a bit drier texture, but it still does give a good finish.

how to use  Sleek Makeup Luminaire Highlighting concealer pen L02 swatches
SLEEK Makeup Luminaire L02 Swatches Review

Available shades:

  • L01 – light pinky beige
  • L02 – light yellow beige (suitable for light – medium skin) 
  • L03 – light peach
  • L04 – Medium peach
  • L05 – Deep golden caramel 


  • price
  • texture
  • pigmentation
  • longevity
  • amount
  • availability
  • packaging
  • 5 shades to choose from
  • dewy and natural finish
  • covers dark under eye circles
  • refreshing awake & dewy eyes
  • Very Kim Kardashian concealer like finish
  • 3 ml
  • push button to release products


  • dry texture
  • drys fast
  • releases to much products
  • creases if not set with powder
  • might flak on drier skin
  • L02 does not cover dark acne scars
Product Pigmentation Texture Longevity Packaging
 4.5/5 5/5 4/5 4.3/5 4.9/5


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