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Blush Professional 120 Colour Matte Eyeshadow Palette


120 matte eye shadow palette

100% Matte Eye shadow Palette by Blush Professional  Click to view 120 matte eyeshadow palette. I first saw this on ebay to be honest and I wanted to order it but just when I was going to order it I saw it online at the NEW 120 Matte eye shadow palette . 

120 matte eye shadow palette Blush Professional

I was trilled that I saw this palette available in Europe! I got the 120 matte eye shadow palette as a PR sample. I was very excited to test it since I postponed my Inglot matte eye shadow shopping since I first wanted to test this. I wanted to see if the 120 matte eye shadow palette was truly matte and how well pigmented the shadows were. So here is a sneak peak picture above and I can’t wait to publish this review… just getting the swatches in order since I know that EVERYONE will want to see this since this is the FIRST 100% matte eyeshadow palette by Blush Professional 

Your Thoughts

– Do you like matte shadows? Do you shop at blush professional? Do you think the whole palette will be 100% matte?


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