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Top 7 Best Christmas nail art designs

Christmas is here and besides SmashinBeauty’s many holiday makeup tutorials, I decided to write a post on a related topic and feature something that other bloggers are crazy about. I decided to share with you my own personally top Christmas nail art ideas for 2013. These are the best Christmas nail art designs that I found online. I personally love the Fussy Santa Suit Nails by Adventures of Acetone, this is so simple yet very Christmassy. I also love The Christmas nails by Sara Nail it’s so unique and so deco art that I am in love with them. I’ve never seen Christmas or even holiday nails like this. They are so creative and bases on her tutorial on her site, even easy to make.

Best Christmas nail art designs

So without any further delay here are my TOP or better said BEST Christmas nail art design ideas that are guaranteed to getting people to stop and stare at your beautiful and creative nails. I know that I am going to be creating one of these looks, which I am recommending since they are all so unique and very creative. Which of the nails below is your personal favorite? Leave a comment below. Also feel free to vote each nail art design between 1 (as dislike) – 5 (love) and if you like explaining why you like or disliked the Christmas nail art. Please keep all negative comments as positive constructivism; all purely negative comments will be removed.

Top 7 Best Christmas nail art designs

The BEST Christmas Nail Art Design for 2013 in the following order, marked above the picture:


Winter Nails via Ink 361


BEST Christmas Nail Art Ideas 2013
Candy Cane Nails by Lucysstash


Holiday ornaments nail art by willpaintforfood


Santa themed nail art by Scuplted Gel Nails by Talia


Watermarble christmas tree by adventuresisacetone


Fussy Santa Suit Nails by AdventuresInAcetone

***1st PLACE***

christmas nail art by SARA NAIL


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