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L’Oreal Buys NYX Cosmetics

L’Oreal buys NYX Cosmetics, I just read an article and saw a video on concerning this news. Why so serious? Well I thought this might be interesting news, so I decided to share it with you all. Some of you might know that MAC Cosmetics was bought off a year or two ago by Estee Lauder and now L’oreal buys NYX cosmetics this May or June 2014. L’oreal has been known to have buy off many other beauty and makeup brands, and this one is just added to the list. Do you think this “merge” will affect the price and quality of NYX Cosmetics?

Nyx Cosmetics is a fast growing makeup brand which has gained many fans with their makeup and collaborations with well know beauty gurus and Youtube stars. NYX Cosmetics formula to success is because they offer high-quality products at extremely affordable prices.




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