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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Beauty Makeup Collection

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 2011 will be release in a few days. Before the movie is released I wanted to post a blog post which would show you all the makeup that you can find that was inspired with the twilight sage movie. Since the beginning of Twilight Makeup Collections have been popping up and I already wrote about them in my previous post. In my current post I will show you the latest makeup that was released I guess by the previous movies. I managed not only to find makeup but I also managed to find perfumes. I present the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Makeup Collection(s) for 2010/2011
Twilight Saga Immortal Twilight Fragrance
Twilight fans can purchase Immortal Twilight Fragrance. The fragrance was inspired and launched by Twilight Beauty, they offer makeup products, kits and collection to help fans indulge and feel the Twilight Saga. The fragrance wants to evoke the feeling of “breathless romance” or better said the feeling that you would take Edward Cullen’s breath away. Brand manager of Twilight Beauty Cosmetics Jaega Haralambus said: 

“Immortal Twilight Saga Fragrance Makeup Collection is defined as everlasting–never to be forgotten. From the eternal life of a vampire to the eternal love between soul mates, Immortal Twilight Fragrance is the personification of undying romance. Like its namesake, this scent will live on in the memory of everyone who wears or smells it. The delicate balance between its three notes yields a truly alluring, wearable scent. Smell the Twilight Saga!” 
Luna Twilight Saga Makeup Collection
Luna Twilight is a luxurious Makeup Collection. The packaging is gorgeous and the formulas are sophisticated. The whole collection has amazing names for each product. You will love the names. The Luna Twilight Makeup Collection has very cute product names such as “First Light Body Glow,” “Mortal Glow Blushing Creme” and Color Palettes in “Bella,” “Rosalie,” “Alice” and “Victoria.” The whole collection has something for every one. It consists of makeup products for the eyes, lips, face and body. Make sure to check out the Luna Twilight Makeup Collection.

Volturi Twilight Cosmetics

The Volturi Twilight Cosmetics is the most feared and powerful coven of vampires. The Twilight Beauty Cosmetics team decided to make a dark, exciting sensibility which might or can be felt in their  products. Looking at the Volturi Twilight makeup collection I can see colors which contrast each other to makeup a very dramatic but dark look. You can also see on each product the Volturi family crest. The Collection included product for eyes, lips, face and body. There are also Volturi Gift sets which you can gift to friends. If you like the Volturi Coven Check out the Volturi Twilight Makeup Collection. 

Nox Twilight Nail Polish Collection 

Nox Twilight nail polish is the newest edition of products from Twilight Beauty. Inspired by the powerful Cullen coven, this Nox Twilight Saga line of professional quality nail polish prominently features the enduring Cullen crest on the center of each bottle. My favorite nail polish shade is wine and dine. The whole nail polish collection consist of 12 shades inspired by the Twilight Saga movie and the Cullen coven.
To reflect each unique member of this clan, Nox Twilight provides a wide array of shades:

Red Velvet – Classic cherry red
Chiffon – Soft delicate pink
Debutante – Fresh peachy-pink
Sugar Plum – Plummy iridescent
Disco Darling – Glimmer shimmer
Wine & Dine – Sparkling champagne
Talon – Forbidding navy
Sangria – Vampy bordeaux
Black Tie – Best-dressed black
Poseidon – Sky blue
Crush – Sassy hot pink
Citrus – Energizing bright orange

Are you going to get any thing from the Twilight makeup collection? 
All the makeup and nail polishes are available at

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