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Clever ways to fix broken makeup

Nothing is worse than breaking your favorite makeup product. Here are a few clever ways to fix your broken makeup. We all had this happen. It’s either the limited edition product or some other hardcore love that we had with that powder based makeup. It’s usually a blush or bronzer, but on occasions, it’s a powder or even God forbid your favorite eyeshadow. Here is a quick makeup tip that ALL the PRO makeup artist use when they break their makeup. No matter what it is, here are a few clever and nifty tips on how to fix your broken makeup.

What you need:

  • Metal spatula or clean knife
  • Rubbing alcohol (70%)
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • bottle cap or quarter or something similar
  • Broken makeup
  • optional: zip lock bag


1. Take the broken makeup and put it into a small zip lock bag or if you don’t want to use a zip lock bag then just collect all of the broken makeup pieces and place it into the bottom of its container.

2. Smash the makeup pieces using a metal spatula. Make sure that your smash it into very fine pieces.

3. Now, add a few tiny drops of rubbing alcohol and mix it until it forms a paste. Do not add too much or it will take forever to dry and it might dilute the product which will make the makeup very sensitive to touch.

4. Now with the metal spatula spread and smooth out the makeup back into its container. Take the container and gently tap it on a flat surface to remove any air bubbles.

5. Now take a tissue and a bottle cap, or anything which is similar to the size and shape of the container, wrap the bottle cap with the tissue and the gently press the powder down. This will help get any air bubbles out and will pack and smooth the makeup even further.

6. Let the makeup air dry for 24 hours, to be sure that the alcohol has evaporated and the powder is dry. Do not close the container you need air to help keep the powder sanitary.

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