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Sharon & Kelly Osbourne MAC Cosmetics makeup collection 2014

MAC Sharon Osbourne & Kelly Osbourne makeup collections, debuts this summer 2014. This will be a limited edition makeup collection of course. Fashion Police’s celebrity host Kelly Osbourne and her celebrity mother Sharon Osbourne will have the honor to have their own unique makeup collection with the one and only MAC Cosmetics. A few days ago MAC Cosmetics released their first two ads for this makeup collection and the pres pictures just look amazing! Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are wife and daughter from the legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne. The information about this new MAC cosmetics collaborations leaked thanks to Ozzy. Thanks Ozzy!

Sharon Ozbourne MAC Cosmetics 2014 Eye shadow Swatches .png

MAC Cosmetics Kelly & Sharon Osbourne Collection 2014

After that Kelly and Sharon Osbourne shared their press picture for their Osbournes MAC Cosmetics makeup collection 2014.  Currently no futher information concerning this makeup collection has been released. Both Kelly and her mother have leaked pictures of some of the makeup products from the Osbourne makeup collection. On Their twitter pages you could have seen the pictures below where you can see a sneak peak of Kelly’s lipstick, at least what it looks like from the outsides and you can see Sharon’s eye shadow with some beautiful neutral shades and possible copper tones. The released date hasn’t bee set yet, but it’s expected that the release date for MAC Osbourne Makeup Collection will be June 2014

MAC Cosmetics Sharon and Kelly Osbourne  Collection 2014

sharon and kelly osbourne mac

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