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Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Collection Makeup Review & Swatches

Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Makeup Review & Swatches will consist of reviewing the entire collection thanks to the PR sample send from the Sigma Beauty team to me for consideration. This post will review each product individually and focus on each product’s pros and cons. I have already done similar types of reviews one previous makeup collections, such as the Steady Glow Collection Review & Swatches and Born To Be collection. I have also used the products in a few other makeup tutorials which you can see on my Youtube channel and Instagram.

Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Palette

Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Eye Shadow Palette $39

The Sigma Beauty Fall Softly eye shadow palette is a light eye shadow palette which contains very light and soft colors with a few dark shades which are ideal for the outer v area. The best thing about this palette is that it contains a good mix of matte and shimmery shades what is ideal for eye shadow palettes. These colors are ideal for everyday makeup look, especialle for people with very light to light eyes. i was very surprised that the eyeshadows are quite well pigmented what I usually do not expect to be honest. Overall, the eye shadows are well pigmented and the color choice is excellent.

Sigma Beauty Lip Base $12

Sigma Beauty Lip Base is a new product with Sigma. The are very soft jumbo lip liners which glide on the skin like butter but the finish is matte. As I mentioned that the lip base is very soft, these liners are not to be used as classic lip liner, they are actually more intended to be used as matte lipsticks but which are not as dry as lip liners or typical matte lipsticks. The pigmentation is very good. The lip bases for now come in three neutral shades and the shades are ideal for a natural lip color or nude lipstick.

  • go dutch
  • indulgent
  • lovestick

Sigma Beauty Lip Base Swatches

Sigma Beauty Lip Vex $10

Sigma Beauty lip vex are relatively new products, but they have already been featured in various other makeup collection. Lip vex are non-sticky lip glosses which are quite sheer and can be used over most lip bases or lip sticks. I do love mixing them with the Sigma Beauty lip bases. The lip vexes come with a simple and standard lip applicator. The wear time isn’t long but it’s your standard drugstore wear time. There is not noticeable strong scent.
  • Tender – Baby Pink
  • All Heart – Brown nude
  • Slip – Peachy pink with gold shimmer

Sigma Beauty Lip Ves Swatches

Sigma Beauty Blush Powder $12

Sigma Beauty blush powder isn’t new and all these shades are very unique. I got all four shades and two are for very fair to medium skin tones, while the other two are for medium to dark skin tones. I love how the powder are very finely milled that they blend really easy on the skin. The shades are all matte what is perfect for anyones skin. The pigmentation is very good and the wear time is good too!

  • Heavenly – Light Peachy Pink Matte (light to medium skin)
  • Modesty – Light candy pink matte (light – medium skin)
  • Cheeky – Peach / bronze matte (medium to dark skin)
  • For Cute! – Bubblegum pink matte (medium to dark skin)

Sigma beauty Powder Blush Swatches Modesty, For cute, heavenly, cheeky

Sigma Beauty Fall Softly Collection Swatches

The entire Sigma Beauty Fall Softly collection swatches are here and I will be updating this post soon. The entire collection was launched October 27, 2014 and it is now available online at You can buy each product individually. You cannot buy the entire collection as a set. The entire collection was inspired by soft cashmere to get the cozy-chic feel which we get with cashmere in fall’s crisp air. I love cashmere. I am loving this collection too and hope that more upcoming Sigma Beauty collections are going to be as good as the past three.

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 *Provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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