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Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection Review & Swatches

Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection Review & Swatches will consist of the entire collection reviewed in one post thanks to the PR sample Sigma Beauty sent to me for consideration. This post will shortly review each product individually and focus on the main pros and cons of the each product. I have already reviewed one previous collection Sigma Beauty Born To Be collection in this same matter. Make sure to check out my video review of this collection below which can be found on my youtube channel. Here is what this collection includes.

Sigma Beauty Brilliant & Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette -$39

The Sigma Beauty Brilliant & Spellbinding palette reminds of of the Smoke Screen palette which came with the previous collection, but with lighter shades. This palette also is kind of a dupe of Urban Decay naked3 palette and light pink shades. The eye shadow palette is claimed include twelve toasty-bronze shades to achieve a sun-lit, shimmery glow and beach goddess effect. All the eyeshadows are paraben-free. i have to admit that I was yet again surprised with the pigmentation. Some of the lighter shades are a bit less pigmented and do require an eyeshadow base to get the most out of them, but the medium and darker shades are well pigmented. The fallout amount is the same as with the smoke screen palette, there is some but it’s nothing as dramatic as with my Wet N Wild eye shadows. Over all this and the smoke screen palette together has you covered from day to evening more dramatic makeup looks.

Sigma Beauty Brilliant Spellbinding Palette Swatches

Sigma Beauty Rim Brightener Pencil – $9 (each)

The Sigma Beauty rim brightener pencils come in three shades. The pencil quality is a very standard drugstore quality what is good. Depending on the amount your eye waters, this will determine how long the pencil will stay on your waterline. For people like me, with very watery eyes, expect to get around 1 hour tops from this pencil while other people will get a bit more time from this pencil on the waterline. If used elsewhere, it lasts as long as other pencils which I have used.

  • final touch – a true champagne color for a nice natural looking awake eye look
  • polishes – same as final touch but for darker skin tones
  • unclouded – is a true white pencil which is great for a dramatic white waterline of for very pale skin tones.

Sigma Beauty Lip Vex Swatches

Sigma Beauty Lip Vex – $10

I got the Sigma Beauty Lip Vex lipgloss and the came in a few shades and they are all but one very opaque. My favorite shades are Skinny dip, vivid and steady glow. They last as long as any standard drugstore lipgloss but is not sticky.

  • Skinny Dip – is a beautiful Papaya shade which is idea for day makeup and will compliment any skin tone. It’s very opaque and my one of my favorite shades. Dupe for MAC dreammaker.
  • Chill out – is that typical bubble gum pink shade which is ideal for a dark black smokey eye. This is a dupe for MAC Saint Germain.
  • Vivid – Is a beautiful watermelon shade that is ideal for a more washed out red. Ideal for everyday wear. Good alternative for MAC Cyndi.
  • Steady Glow – is a for anyone that loves shimmer lipgloss. It’s a beautiful soft orange shade which reminds me of MAC Freckletone but with golden shimmer added.
  • Dazzling – this is also a glitter lipgloss. It’s a unique Ultra-Shimmer Light Bronze shade which is ideal to add over any lipgloss that needs bronzing and a bit of glitter.

Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream swatches

Sigma Beauty Shimmer Cream $16.00

I was very much looking forward to the sigma beauty shimmer creams. Since they are suppose to be very versatile products which can be used anywhere on the face. After using them I have come to a conclusion that you can use them with your foundation and even face cream to get some natural looking glow. I most like to use it as a highlighter on the eyes and on the cheeks under pressed powder. Theses products are paraben-free. My personal favorite shades are superb and brilliant. There are three shades you can choose from.

  • Brilliant – is a beautiful for very fair – light skin tones with a more cool or neutral undertone. The shade is not too warm nor too cool. I use it a lot on myself and my clients.
  • Sultry – is a beautiful Deep bronzy shade which is idea for skin tones from olive and yellow medium to dark skin tones. It give a beautiful summer glow to the skin. In real life the cream looks darker than on the website.
  • Superb – is a beautiful peach golden shade which will compliment all light to medium skin tones no matter what undertone. I use it a lot on myself and my clients.

Sigma Beauty Loose Shimmer Swatches

Sigma Beauty loose shimmer $12.00

The Sigma Beauty loose shimmers, are not what I expected, but in a good way. I am not a fan of loose shimmer but the finish of these powders is almost foil-like than that true shimmer. You can use this shimmer as the creams, where ever you want. You can even mix it in loose eye shadows, foundations, and lipglosses.  I do recommend that you apply light coats since it looks best when it gives a subtly shimmer on the face and on the eyes you can wear it in full strength.  This product is also paraben-free.

  • Ambrosia – is a beautiful pearly like pink. Idea to add in the foundation or lip gloss to give a shimmery effect. Also with if you have a cool undertone it can be used as shimmer highlighter.
  • Ravishing – is like Ambrosia but with a more yellow golden undertone. It can be used on people with a warm or olive undertone as a highlight or used in lip gloss or on the eyes to make the products pop.
  • Glided – is beautiful to add in a foundation or to be used as an eyeshadow.
  • Lush – I love using it as an eyeshadow and in my lip glosses.
  • Midsummer – beautiful olive gold shade which is ideal for brown or green eyes.

That is it, this wraps up this new Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection with my short review & swatches. I hope that this has helped you in some way. If you need any advice with any of the products, please let me know in the comment section below.

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