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Sigma Brushes F88 and P88

Sigma Brushes F88 and P88

 Alright Tomorrow FINALLY these puppies Sigma Brushes F88 and P88 are going to be reviewed. AFter a long break due to holidays and other personal errands I had to run in the past 3 months my reviews haven’t been many. My Sigma Brushes F88 and P88 have been used multiple times and I have compared them with with the other Sigma Beauty Sigmax brushes. I have also tested them with different kinds of foundation to see what works best with this brush. Until tomorrow here are a few additional pictures of the F88 and P88. Stay tune and expect tomorrow an honest review of the Sigma Brushes F88 and P88

Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes F88 and P88 Sigmax upcoming makeup review with pictures

Sigma Makeup Brushes Reviews:


  • shah

    Im a beginner at makeup. Its really embarrassing and I’m already 19, with no experience at makeup. >_< which makeup brush would you recommend for applying eyeshadow by sigma? 😀

    • Smashinbeauty

      Don’t be embarrassed I myself started with makeup at 18 😉 welcome to the club!
      For eyeshadows I would recommend two brushes, both are good:
      Sigma Brush E25 Blending
      This one is good for blending out shadows + also can be used to apply shadows
      Sigma E55 Makeup Brush
      this one is, my personal opinion, best for applying eyeshadows or pigments on eyes

      I personally recommend both, together they are great for people just starting out with makeup.
      Hope this helps!

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