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Sigma Beauty Brow Gel Makeup Review & Swatches

Sigma Brushes Brow Gel Swatches Review

This is another makeup review product which I got from Sigma Beauty the Brow Gel. The brow gel is a gel that helps temporary color and/or control straying eye brows hairs. On their website the following statement about this product was made, This is a keep brows in place product that has a clear gel for a more natural look, while the tinted gel is used to provided to add color and intensity. So based on what was written on the website and how I defined it it seems that it’s the same understanding of the product. So now let me get this makeup review on and see if it really does what it day sit does.

SIgma Brow Gel

Sigma Beauty Brow Gel Makeup Review

I already have made a picture makeup tutorial on How to get perfect eyebrows, where you can see me using this product. I have also reviewed my other Sigma Beauty PR samples from the Sigma Beauty Brow Kit; the brow powder duo; the highlighting pencil and the dual-ended brow pencil. Make sure to read those makeup reviews. The Sigma Beauty brow gel products is a dual-ended brow gel that can be used for two purposes, two my current knowledge. I have had similar products but never a tinted brow gel. The packaging is very practical and easy to transport. The product contains 0.35 oz I assume this is together with both ends of the Sigma Beauty brow gel .

Sigma Brow Gel Back

Sigma Beauty Brow Gel Review Pros & cons

One thing to mention in this makeup review of Sigma Beauty brow gel is besides being a dula-ended product and having a clear and tinted side, the products come with a brush that looks like a mascara brush. The brush in my opinion is a bit large on the clear end of the gel, while the tinted end has a thinner mascara like brush, so this won’t be a problem if you have smaller eyebrows, as you can see in the picture below. Besides that the brow gel is a really good product if you want sleek eyebrows or if you want your eyebrows to stay set for a very long time! I love using this brow gel, both clear and tinted end, when I want to make ombre eyebrows since I find ombre eyebrows to be the most natual looking eyebrows. I found the product to be as good as other brow gel products that I used and the gel comes in very handy if you have full eyebrows and want to set them in place but don’t have to fill them in. If you have darker eyebrows you can do the same but I do recommend the tinted gel. I like using the tinted brow gel alone for a natural day eyebrow look.

Sigma Beauty Brow Gel Swatches Review

Final Thoughts on Makeup Review of Sigma Beauty Brow Gel

Just to sumaries the Sigma Beauty brow gel makeup review, I wanted to mention that I really like it just like the other Sigma Brow Products which I have reviewed. I find that this product is not a must have product to be full honest but just a good product to have if you are a professional or if you have wide eyebrows or if you have full eyebrows and just want to control them when you wear makeup. If you have none of these issues then maybe you can skip this product, but still do know that this is a good product and I do highly recommend it!


  • longevity 
  • quality
  • amount
  • dual-ended
  • two products in one: clear & tinted gel
  • packaging
  • easy portable
  • can be bought individually
  • price
  • texture


  • for some the clear end mascara like brushes might be to big
  • shipping rate for some international buyers

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Product Pigmentation Texture Longevity Packaging
4.9/5 4.8/5 5/5 4.7/5 5/5

Sigma Beauty Brow Gel Swatches Makeup Review REcenzija


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