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Boyfriend jeans are back every spring so here are a few tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans! First of all, you can get normal jeans, ripped jeans or like I have ripped and stuck boyfriend jeans. Whatever rocks your boat! Boyfriend jeans are meant for casual wear but do know that you can pimp it up and make them more glamorous day time fashion without looking like a hobo. So here are a few simple and to the point tips

  • Casual wear – avoid looking LIKE your boyfriend. Balance the masculine look with very feminine pieces on top, such as a fitting white shirt & jacket with a statement necklace and pumps on the feet. 
  • Most body types –  boyfriend jeans are relaxed and casual and do not highlight any specific body part, but can if worn wrong make your legs seem shorter and thicker. The number one thing you do not want to do is wear baggy shirts and non-fitting sweaters to make the overall look seem even baggier and sloppier.

  • Boyfriend jeans rolled up with a cuff approx 2 – 3 inches, just above the ankle. Anything longer than this will make the legs appear thick, stumpy and shapeless. 
  • Different Cuts – The best cut for boyfriend jeans is straight. I personally believe that the straight cut looks best on all shapes.
  • Ankle boots & Boyfriend Jeans – I have tried to combine ankle boots with my boyfriend jeans but even though I have long legs it just didn’t work for me personally but you can see examples below that it works on some. When wearing ankle boots make sure that your boyfriend jeans are rolled up a bit higher to show off the boots. 
  • Belts & boyfriend jeans – I think they are not mandatory but in my case, I need a belt since my jeans always stretch. If you are going to wear a belt make sure you show it off or it’s pointless to even wear one. 
  • Shoes –I do recommend the following shoes: pumps, ballets, wedges, and platforms. Heels, heels, and heels did I mention heels look best?! I do not recommend very pointy pumps since it might look tacky, so stick to rounder toes which looks much better with boyfriend jeans (example below).  If you are very slim and want a very cause yet feminine look, make sure that you are wearing a very fitting shirt with your ballet shoes. 
fashion saturday smashinbeauty boyfriend jeans
Round tip platforms & boyfriend jeans
SmashinBeauty Fashion Saturday boyfriend jeans
Wedge Sneakers & Boyfriend Jeans – ok since the sneakers have wedges but I need to roll up the jeans a bit more
too masculine
Excellent combination for boyfriend jeans
excellent example
notice how these boyfriends jeans (NOT rolled up) make her legs look shorter and stumpy. If they were rolled up it would look much better!
nice relaxed combination but the UGGS do not go with this look



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