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Kryolan lipstick LCP650 makeup review and swatches

I got a Kryolan lipstick a while back at a Kryolan Beauty Event. The event was some time round Valentine’s day if I am not mistaken and it was claimed to be the perfect red shade. The official Croatian Kryolan MUA Mirela Gotal Mišak, demonstrated the application of Kryolan LCP650. The lipstick was described as the perfect red shade for all skin tones. I really was excited about testing the red lipstick myself since when it was demonstrated it looked fabulous. I have one problem with red lipsticks, it’s that not all the red shades look good on me. I will explain why this is a fact and not fiction.

Kryolan lipstick LCP650

Kryolan red lipstick LCP650

I am very skeptic about the “true red shade” that suits all skin tones. The reason is that even like foundation, I tend to choose my lipsticks based on a persons undertone. It’s all about the undertones; you can’t go wrong with that. This is why I decided to make a special post that focuses on red lipsticks. When it comes to red lipsticks, just like any makeup product, you can get it with a more red, orange or blue undertone and depending on your skin’s undertone you should choose that and that shade of red lipstick. So this would explain why I was a little bit skeptic to this being a “true red shade” and couldn’t wait to do a makeup review of Kryolan lipstick LCP650.

Kryolan LCP650 lipstick swatches review

Kryolan lipstick LCP650 makeup review

First of all I am not sure what the Kryolan LCP650, LCP even means if someone knows, please let me know. Now, before I comment the shade let me explain a few other things concerning this lipstick. I love the texture of the lipstick. It’s smooth as silk and very pigmented, so you only need one light coat to get your lips red. The lipstick doesn’t bleed at the edge of your lips what means you can skip that annoy lip liner step that we all hate. For a detailed application of the lipstick you should use a lip brush to apply the lipstick since it will get a neater look. The lipstick has no noticeable scent and the finish of the lipstick is not a true matte, but rather semi-matte. Because the lipstick has a semi-matte finish this means that means that the lipstick will last much longer on your lips even during eating and drinking, what it did in the end. It did last me around 4 hours after eating and drinking what I find important to mention in this makeup review of Kryolan LCP650

Kryolan lipstick LCP650 makeup review and swatches

The packaging of the Kryolan LCP650 is very simple and clean. A silver plastic (if I am not mistaken) standard lipstick contains which contains 4 grams of lipstick. Now before I end this makeup review I also wanted to mention that this shade looks beautiful on my lipstick but I personally like lighter red lipsticks and find that this lipstick (and it’s undertone) would suit golden, olive and yellow ideally, but when it comes to neutral and cool undertones (fair – light skin tone) I find that this red lipstick shade is a bit to “heavy” due to it’s undertone. I find that a red lipstick with a cooler undertone would suit neutral and cool fair – light skin tones better, and I bought another red Kryolan lipstick, which suit these undertones better.

Kryolan LCP650 review smashinbeauty

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