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4 Blogging Rules that I’m Breaking

You might have been reading  my many blogger tuesday tips articles, this article might come to you as a surprise. I skipped last week since I was very busy and just didn’t have the time to post not even one post that entire week. Even though, I write these “unwritten rules” of blogging, I wanted to explain what four blogging rules I break and why.

BYE DISQUS and others.

I really loved Disqus, but I just hate having a million plugins. The more plugins you use, the slower your blog loads. While I was using Disqus, I didn’t notice any traffic or comment jump. That is also another reason I stopped using it. Maybe a long time ago Disqus offered those things but I never gained anything by using that plugin.


I tried theme days, but the only thing I’m very faithful to is my two videos per week and that is at times dodgy. I’ve tried theme days and I know that for some blogs it works, but I just never generated any crazy amount of traffic from scheduled aka theme days. I just stopped. Today, my blog is focused on topics I like, such as reviews twice a week, once a week to blogger tips and two videos per week. At times, when I am really busy, I only publish one video per week and I’m happy with that.


There is a whole new trend going around in the vlogger and YT community to publish your posts and videos at a set time. So if you publish your videos every Friday then set a specific time. I find that I am not a TV channel and even when I publish videos on set days, my viewers come to my channel and view it when it suits them. They know I publish videos Mon / Thurs but those are not the days I am viewed the most or even read the most.


At the beginning of my blog, I was more sharing about me. This was when I was busy searching for my niche. I wanted to stir the blog around, left and right, up and down until I felt I was on the right path. Today, my blog is about many things, it’s main focus is reviewing products I like and about my makeup art. This blog has nothing to do about me personally, even though those kind of blogs are quite popular, I just find that that is not what I am about online.

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