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Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030 OMG I Want That! makeup review and swatches

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030 OMG I Want That! is a long awaited makeup review which I forgot to do since life happens and some makeup ends up at the bottom of my makeup drawer. I have a whole makeup drawer of products that I have still to review. Since none of these makeup reviews are paid for I get around to them when I get the time and if I don’t forget them. Besides that I have already reviewed a few other Catrice products, such as Kohl Kajal, Intensif´eye charly’s chocolate factory., 540 Rose Marie’s Baby, 580 Carrot Of The Collection. Alright so let’ get down to the details of this eye shadow palette.

Catrice  Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030

The Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow palettes have been around for about a year if not longer. The eye shadows come in a sleek and simple clear packaging what I personally love since you can see the shades without opening the packaging. The eye shadows that come in the palette are the following shades:

Cream glittery shade – The pigmentation is quite transparent and light. The shadow contains tiny glitter particles, which is visible only when you apply a larger amount of eyeshadow on one place. Since this eye shadow contains glitter it means that there are noticeable fallouts and the shade “cracks”, I had the same problem with my lightest eye shadow Sigma Beauty in the Paris Makeup Palette. You can use this shade as a highlighter. I do recommend applying this shade wet for less fallouts and to avoid it looking “chunky”.

Shimmer rusty brown – this shade is beautiful, but it does remind me of the intensif’ eye in shade charly’s chocolate factory. The shade has a shimmery finish. The pigmentation is really good.

Shimmer gray – this shade is a very subtle and the pigmentation was not as strong as the brown and black shade. The shade has a shimmer finish. It looks great on a darker eye shadow base.

Matte black with glitter – the matte black eye shadow isn’t purely matte but it contains some small amounts of multicolor glitter particles. This black eye shadow does have fallouts. If you want a very dark finish apply the eyeshadow over a dark base, such as the Sigma Beauty eye base, or wet. This shade because of the multicolor glitter in it is ideal for a black Smokey eye. You can also use the black eye shadow for your outer V area.

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030 OMG I Want That! makeup review swatches

Catrice  Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030 OMG I Want That!

Tto complete this makeup review of Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow 030 OMG I Want That! Eye shadow palette contains all the colors you might need if you want to make a dark Smokey eye look. The downside to this palette is that not all the shadows are very pigmented, but you can make them a bit more pigmented if you apply a dark base or wet. You can use all the colors together to get a Smokey eye look. Another thing that some might not like is that two shades contain smaller amounts of eye shadow while two other shades contain more product. Overall the eye shadow palette for a drugstore product is very good. The pigmentation and overall quality reminds me of Sigma Beauty eye shadows. I will update this post with a makeup look using this product so make sure to check back somewhere close to the weekend.

Catrice Quattro Eye shadow palette 030

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