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When it comes to blogging, just writing up an article at times isn’t enough. Today I wanted to write about mind mapping and blogging. Some of you might ask yourself what does one have to do with the other. To keep you motivated and to make it easier for you to come up with ideas to write about, mind mapping can be very helpful. I know that when it comes to doing a youtube video and then working on after uploading processes, mind mapping in advance really helps me share my videos in the right places at the right time. The same can be applied when blogging.

Mind mapping is a great way to help you keep all your ideas and thoughts connected. In a graph below I will show you how an idea can change and grow and connect many ideas and thoughts. You start with a single idea and then by using many supporting or related ideas you draw connections. So here are a few helpful ideas, how to mix mind map and blog.

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Let’s say you want to write about “makeup as an art form”, but you cannot come up with any specific blog post idea. You simply start main idea, “makeup as an art form” and then continue from there.

mind mapping and blogging

As you can see in the graph above, that is just a few ways you can expand one simple idea and then get many other topics you can work with. As soon as your brain gets used to this idea of thinking, you will be able to mind map your thoughts without a problem and then you will be able to come up with topics to write about with no problem at all. Mind mapping is not only an good idea for newbie bloggers, but for bloggers like myself that have been around since 2007 and there comes a time when you just get overwhelmed by ideas but cannot focus on one or decided what to write about. At home I have a white board and write my idea and then mind map it into a few topics to write about. This helps me when I feel that I am getting close to a rut.

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Mind mapping is also an amazing tool which can help you get more topics to write about based on your existing posts. All you have to do is take the title of a previous post as your central idea and then mind map and work to find related topics and ideas, as given in the sample graph below.

Mind Mapping Beauty Blogger

That is how easy it is to build more ideas for your blog. This of course depends on what kind of blog you are writing about, but now you get an idea of how mind mapping and blogging mix and can help you get multiple writing ideas so that you never run out of topics to write about. It’s effective and it works! Do you mind map?


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