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Youtuber My Pale Skin, post a video which was named #YOULOOKDISGUSTING. This video was created to show how the social media site is actually full of double standards and that it has impacted our life and made unrealistic beauty standards. Beauty blogger Em Ford from London, has been a long time acne struggler, like me but my acne struggle is over, and she decided to finally take off her “mask” and show the world what she looks like without her foundation and concealer layer. When I first saw it, I was surprised, she looked like she has quite good skin. I was also at the same time relieved because I didn’t feel alone. I knew where she was and what she probably went through.

People with acne usually fall into the category of “disgusting skin”. Most ignorant and misinformed people think that you get acne because you wear to much makeup or because you don’t wash your face. This is not true! Acne is usually a related to hormones, food allergies and other medical related case. I know that I am bothered every time buy women that don’t wear makeup, asking me why I wear makeup. I give them the simple answer, because I love it. I never go really into detail.

I find that makeup empowers me and makes me feel better. I could careless about who wears or doesn’t wear no makeup. I am honestly deeply bothers by the two face women or even men that criticise you for wearing makeup. I find that those people suck and at moments wish I can tell what I think about them and their makeup free face. But then I remember why I wear makeup, I wear it because it makes me feel amazing and I look amazing! It make me look sexy , younger, glamorous, it’s like an accessory for the face.

I find it ridiculous that we live in the 21 century and people comment on your makeup. I comments which Em got, re appalling, disgusting and ignorant. The message she is conveying is true

“You are beautiful – no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may be about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you’re not beautiful – not even yourself.”

I would like to add, you are beautiful with or without full face makeup. If you love makeup wear it, if you don’t, don’t wear it but also don’t be a judgmental prick about other people’s skin condition, amount of makeup they wear or anything when it comes to it. You are no better than the person you choose to make fun of. You are the same!

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