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You might have read my review on the Sigma Beauty Spa Brush cleaning glove or my review of the latest Sigma Beauty 2X Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. This post contains affiliate links. Now sigma has released a new product for cleaning your brushes, the Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat. This new mat is a mat which you place in your skin instead of holding it in your hand. It has seven exclusive textures for both eyes and face brushes. The size of the mat is universal which means it will fit all sinks and on the bottom of the mats you have the suction cups which will help keep the mat in place.

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Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

Now some of you might be asking me should I get the Sigma Beauty Spa brush glove, Sigma Beauty 2x spa brush cleaning glove  or mat? I have compared the three and I can say that I personally would recommend the mat for people that have multiple brushes to wash at once, like I do. I know how exhausting it gets when you have to hold your hand up for 1,5 hours to clean all your makeup brushes. The glove is ideal for people that have to wash up to 15 – 20 brushes since you will not get tired. I usually wash over 30+ brushes per week. So it can get exhausting for my hand. Overall, this is another amazing product.

Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat Review

Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat review

Here is some advice on how to clean your brushes using the Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat:

1. Place mat in up-right position in sink.
2. Secure suction cups to sink.
3. Wet your brush(es).
4. Washing: Add a small amount of brush cleaning solution and water to the mat and wash your brushes on the designed texture for washing your face or eye brushes.
5. Rinse: Let running water fall on the rinse texture of the mat. Sweep your brush(es) back and forth until you remove makeup residue and soap.
6. Refine: sweep your brush(es) on the ‘Refine’ texture for an additional deep cleaning.
7. Rinse: Let running water fall on the rinse texture and sweep brush back and forth for a final rinse.
8. Refine Plus: If needed, repeat refine texture plus for a deeper clean.
9. Rinse: Repeat rinsing process if used refine plus to remove and leftover makeup residue and soap.
10. Squeeze: Gently squeeze brush head (do not pull or tug) with your fingers to remove any excess water.

Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Mat review

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