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Makeup (tricks) Secrets for Teens

For both parents and for teenagers beginning to experiment with cosmetics, having some good teen makeup tricks to get you started can really helpful. For parents, it is about deciding what you are comfortable with your teenager applying, and for teenagers it is about getting the best look you can. Either way, there are two things upon which you should focus. First there are products, which refer to how many cosmetics you have and what color they are. Then there is the question of application, which refers to how much to put on. As a teenager, you can make do without that many products. What you really need is advice and a few makeup tricks to help you with application.

Sigma Brushes Mrs. Bunny Vegan Makeup Brushes

Makeup for teens starts with skin care

Whether we are talking makeup for teens or adults, proper application starts with excellent skin care. Use a cleanser when washing your face and also include your neck in your washing routine. Remember that your face is gentle, so do not be aggressive and rub too hard. After you are finished, make sure to completely rinse the cleanser away and pat your face dry with a clean towel. After that, you move on to applying foundation. Most young people do not really need this because foundation is about hiding blemishes. Nonetheless, you will need a good brush to apply a light layer on your face and to spread evenly throughout. Having a good brush is important here, so I recommend getting a set of Sigma brushes. You can buy a whole kit with lots of different brush types at a price that is suitable for teenagers.

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Corupt

Makeup tricks for the eyes

With your skin and face taken care of, the next category of makeup tricks we will cover concerns the eyes. Eye makeup for teens can get away with being more over the top than adults. For that look, the place to start is Makeup Geek. Even though this line is also popular with young adults, it is known for its bold unconventional look. Applying makeup to the eyes depends upon what look you want, but with teenagers they tend to want really bright and sparkly eyeshadows. The color is really up to the girl, but I advise staying away from really harsh, dark colors. If you do go with a bold color, like the ones that you can get from Makeup Geek, you should go minimalist on the rest of your makeup to avoid overdoing it. The point is that your eyes should stand out, not your entire makeup collection on your face.

Keeping makeup looking light

Finally, you still have your cheeks and lips to finish. Once again the lipstick from BH Cosmetics is a great option, especially for teens. I recommend pink rather than really dark red because it is younger and more playful look. Also, put some light pink colored blush on your cheeks, just a little though. Young people tend to have a rosier complexion as it is, so there is not as much need for blush. Keep the look light and fresh for now.

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