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Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8 – BLACKSOUL Presents Bears & Honey Level 5

Today’s non-makeup related review is Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8. I wanted to thank Blacksoul Music for my pair of headphone. I got this because I have been working on Bears and Honey event since day one and as the creative director and key makeup artist, hair stylist and costumography. Overall I well deserved these headphones with all my creative ideas and support I was very happy to get them and decided to announce the new upcoming Bears and Honey level 5 event in VIP club Zagreb Croatia, Friday September 13. 2013. The upcoming event will be a special horror theme related night, which means that horror makeup, costumes and masks are more than welcome.

Bears and Honey Level 5, Friday September 13 2013 Zagreb Croatia

During the event Bears and Honey DJs will be using the sponsored Sol Republic Tracks Headphones. Blacksoul is an official Croatian savior of sound. Also the other resident DJs at Bears & Honey will also be wearing their sponsored Sol republic Headphones. Now it’s time for the review of Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8. Resident DJs and I will be using these; I will be using mine for creative purposes for Blacksoul Music and for Bears and Honey event. I got myself the white pair since I love the color white. So the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8 comes in a classic plastic box where each piece is package individually. You get a lot of information on the box and within the box you get a how to use manual.

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones Review

Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8 reviewed

Within the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8 box, you get one headband of your color choice, 2 earphones which you manually attack to your headband and one pair of cable, which you attach to your earphones and can later on pug into your ipod, iphone and laptop. The headband is made from a virtually indestructible FlexTech material, which means you, can twist, bend and it won’t pop. The ear speakers (as I like to call them ear phones) some with a special sonicsoft ear cushions that offer the V8 sound engine speakers, meaning you can hear that powerful bass. Also within that box you get a music and phone control from which you can press the middle button to skip to the next tune and you have two buttons to turn down or turn up your music. The best thing about this is that you can buy in different colors the ear cushions, headband and cable.

Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8

In short besides the exterior part of the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8, I can say that I never had headphones this good under $100. The music and the bass are amazing and I feel as if my ears are in some kind of music studio. I hate that when I listen to music on normal earphones that I can never hear the bass but here that is not the problem. I finally have headphones that are travel safe, basically unbreakable and that offer amazing quality sound. Make sure to check out Sol Republic Tracks Headphones V8, because for under $100 you can’t get anything better!

*more pictures under flyer

SOL Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones V8 Reviewed

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones V8 Review SOL Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones review and details SOL Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones Review

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