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Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion review

Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion for a Sun-Bronzed Look review. This product is a certified natural organic ingredient vegan product. Alverde is a number one brand for vegan products and it can be bought across Europe in DM drugstores. It promises a natural looking sun-bronzed tan with a radiant finish that you will get in a few hours. IT contains jojoba oil what helps avoid dryness. It also contains almond and soybean oil from controlled biological cultivation to offer instant moisturized and nourished skin. Alverde claims that you will get a natural glow in 4 – 5 hours.

Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion review

After testing the Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion for a Sun-Bronzed Look for my review, I can confirm the following. It does hydrate the skin and does not dry it out like some other self-tanners. You have to be careful like with most self-tanners to not transfer the color on other items or clothing. The color is visible after about 5 hours and it is ideal for very fair to fair skin. IT does offer a natural looking tan and not an orange finish. The result is a light bronzed look which gives a sun-kissed finish. Like you were in the sun for a few hours.

Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion

Even though Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion claims that you can build up the depth of the color, by repeating the application every day or two, I have to say that when you do this, for me personally, my skin feels sticky and my skin started to look orange. If I just applied one coat of this product then I got a light sun-kissed result but anything more than that I didn’t like the end result. The liquid is smooth and it is easy to apply on the skin and it gets absorbs really quickly. However, I really didn’t like the scent of the self-tanner but I have yet to find one that smells pleasantly.

Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion makeup review

To summarise this makeup review of Alverde Self-Tanning Lotion, I have to add that this is a very good Vegan product but keep in mind that it might not look natural after applying it a few days in a row. The self-tanner does not contain anything against sunburn or UV protection.

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