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August Favorites 2013 (Monthly Favorites)

Today’s video is my August favorites 2013, which I have been using the most in the past month.  I mentioned a few new products, a few old products and a few non-makeup and beauty related products that I got in August and have loved. I want to know what were your August favorites? Leave a comment below telling me which products you loved and would recommend for me to try. Also leave a comment below telling me do you also love Asian cosmetics? Have you tried any snail gels or creams?

August Favorites 2013

So here are my august favorites 2013 that I have mentioned in the video. Some of the products have reviews while other products have yet to be reviewed after I use them for a specific amount of time. I never trust reviews where someone gets products and reviews them in two days, especially if we are talking about skin or body care products.

Products mentioned

  • Video game:  PS3 The Last Of Us
  • BPA –free cup container
  • Earrings and bracelet
  • Rose candle

Makeup & Beauty related products:

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