Beauty Blender

How to apply foundation with a beauty blender? A few of you have asked and here is the makeup tutorial finally. I hope that you like it. I also wanted to write in this article a few tips and tricks that I didn’t mention in the video. Why didn’t I mention all of this in my how to apply foundation with a beauty blender makeup tutorial, because I forgot to be honest. I forgot to mention how to clean the beauty blender. I think that this requires a full individual tutorial to be honest since there is a whole unclear concept on how to clean the beauty blender in the most effective way.

How to apply foundation with a beauty blender

Applying foundation with a beauty blender is currently a love and hate relationship for me? Why some might ask? I have to mention that a beauty blender is a sponge and we all know that sponges, unlike makeup brushes, acuminate bacteria much faster. This is why I am not sure how much I love the beauty blender. The beauty blender requires cleaning after each use, since it gets dirty and bacteria grows fast on moist places such as sponges and cloth. So make sure to stay clean with your beauty blenders.

Applying foundation & cleaning a beauty blender

A Beauty Blender can be used on third different sides. The point head with is great for details and precision work such as around the eyes, nose and mouth area. The bottom of the sponge with is great for stippling on larger areas of the face such as the cheeks, chin, forehead; and the side of the beauty blender, which is also used for larger areas of the face. Applying foundation with a beauty blender I do recommend if you are using a thinner foundation and want to get the most out of it. The stipple motion offers a fuller coverage. The trick with a beauty blender is to choose if you are fully wetting it or not. If you fully wet it and then squeeze out the excess water than you will get a lighter coverage. If you do not wet the beauty blender or just spray a bit of water on it you will get a fuller coverage. So in this way a beauty blender is an awesome tool since it works great with all kinds of foundations.

Beauty Blender

The beauty blender not only is used for foundation, but also with cream and powdered products. I will make a second video with additional ideas and tips about the beauty blender. Besides that I think that I only use the beauty blender the most with thinner foundations when I want them to give the skin a fuller yet very natural coverage. I con confirm that I prefer the beauty blender over the stipple brush but the beauty blender is a big hassle when it comes to cleaning and taking care of. Make sure to check back since I will be writing a post on comparison of the beauty blenders from e-bay, essence, and the original Beauty Blender.