Halloween makeup

Coraline’s Other Mother Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Coraline’s Makeup Tutorial

Today I am showing you Coraline’s Other Mother Beldam Halloween Makeup Tutorial. This is a character from the animated movie Coraline that came out in 2009. Coraline didn’t like her family and then one day she met your family but with buttons in her eyes. Her new mother, also known as the other mother, had a very dark side to her, she was also known as Beldam. In order to not spoil the movie for you, I will not write about it anymore but you came here for the tutorial anyway.

Coraline’s Other Mother Beldam Makeup Tutorial

Coraline’s Other Mother Beldam Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2017, You can use make or any other media that you like if you do not have the items that I am using. I will list what I used and feel free to use whatever you prefer. This is what I used in my Coraline’s Other Mother Makeup Tutorial. 

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