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Discovered Monthly Favorites August 2013

Discovered Monthly Favorites August 2013 Smashinbeauty

Today’s post is a new monthly post- called discovered monthly favorites, I will be featuring the first Friday at the beginning of each month! Feel free to start your own post like this don’t forget to leave a comment with your link or so that I check out your blog post with your products that I want to try post. This post will feature products that I saw in other monthly favorites videos on youtube from well-known and less known youtube makeup vloggers. So these are my products that I liked based on the description.  In each post I will also mention who recommended the products and where I saw them so you can check out what that vlogger said about that product and why she recommended it or even hated it.

Discovered monthly favorite

Yes, I do want to try out hated products since I believe that all makeup products are not for everyone. I can like one product while someone else might not like it or it might not work for him or her, such as with my YSL mascara. So here are my August discovered monthly favorite. Please leave a comment below telling me if you tried any of these products and would you try them?

My Discovered monthly favorite

Conair AdjustaCurl Self-Grip Rollers
How to use video still from YT conair

Conair AdjustaCurl Self-Grip Rollers – recommended to offer volume from YT vlogger vera sweeney . The company claims that it will transform any flat hair into voluminous hair. I researched online and it seems like a product that many people are recommending and reviewing so it’s worth a try! Have you tried it?

Toe Juice – recommended for people with problematic skin. This is an excellent product that will refresh, soften and soothe dry cracked feet. Vlogger makeupD0LL also uses it for other skin care purposes and claims it saved her skin.

The last product that I wanted to mention was from vlogger TiffyQuake, she recommended a comb, I know a comb? She mentioned that every time she combs her hair there was so much fall out. She decided to do some research and it turned out that your comb was probably ripping your hair out. She recommended this professional Mebco Tortoise Shower Detangler. Have you tried it?

What products have your discovered this month watching August monthly favorites? Make sure to check out my August monthly favorites for a few new products that I am loving.

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