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The Top 10 Most Popular Topics to Write About

A lot of time, at least once a year I fall into a blogger rut. I write a blog, make two videos per week + am a makeup artist, a wife and I have a very active social life. I won’t like it’s hard to keep up with it all. This is why I usually follow my homemade schedules. Today I’m going to write about the top 10 most popular topics to write about on your blog. I am not sure what kind of blogger you are but I started off as a makeup blogger and still am that but I also like to write about other topics, such as DIY, fashion, lifestyle and now recently blogger tips.

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The Top 10 Most Popular Topics to Write About

If you are new to blogging, or even if you aren’t, I always look for inspiration and how to stay afloat with my blog. I always look for ideas I can write about and get inspired from that. Sometimes it’s something which is trending on Google, other times it’s inspired by something I saw on Facebook. I will be writing about how to find trending topics next week. Today, I will reveal the The Top 10 Most Popular Topics to Write About.

  1. Reviews – Reviewing anything will for sure get readers to your blog.
  2. Comprehensive guide/tutorial – If you are an expert in some field and are writing a blog about it, then guides and tutorials are going to be posts which will give value to your blog, plus they will bring you traffic.
  3. Travel Post – people love reader where other people travel, share a tip or two with your readers or some funny or useful advice and your readers will love it.
  4. Lists – just like this post, people love reading short posts which get to the point fast. Usually these kind of posts are shared a lot.
  5. Response to news or post – if you read some interesting news or want to update a post people love to read this. I have read many blogs where people wrote about, for example, their parenting method and then a year later updated that post with a follow up post writing about if they changed this method or not.
  6. Share your favorite blogs – Blog readers are always on the lookout for new blogs to read. I personally dislike fashion bloggers since I find there is nothing to actually read their. So, I always look for new beauty or lifestyle blogs to read and love when know blogs recommend other bloggers.
  7. Bust a myth – everyone loved myth busters the TV show on National Geographics, so everyone loves to test myths and they love them even more if the myth can be busted.
  8. Post about your beginning – People love to see where you started. Especially if you are a beauty blogger. Show your readers the makeup you did a few years ago and how your skills have improved this will motivate your readers and impress them.
  9. Inspirational post – these are the most shared post out there. People love positive inspirational posts.
  10. Health & Fitness – people love reading about health, food and fitness. Main thing people can gain from that post, then people will not only read it but will share it.

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It doesn’t matter if your blog is focused on one certain topic, it’s important to find out what your readers like to read Just because you don’t have a lot of comments, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t read. With time you will see which posts are shared the most and which topics are HOT on your blog. Of course there are more topics which are hot and well shared, this purely depends on what your blog is focused on.

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