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Kryolan Croatia (Hrvatska) Special Effects Workshop

third degree burn special effects second degree burn blisters burn victim

This weekend, besides my usual busy self with make-up clients , my website and youtube videos; I was lucky enough to participate in a makeup workshop, but not just any workshop a Kryolan special effects workshop. At the last minute, I noticed that Kryolan Hrvatska was having a special effects makeup workshop (“radionica filmske šminke i specijalnih efekta“) during the first Fantastic Zagreb festival. Kryolan’s makeup artist and educator Mirel Gotal Mišak (Peter Grampton Make-up Academy) and special guest Ela Milković (make-up artisti in movies such as “zamka” “soba 3” “paralelne vožnje” “7 seks 7” …itd) demonstrated how to make surface wounds,  scars,  cuts, blisters, sores and how to use latex and wax in special effects.

Another piece of work that I did: scaring, scabs, ripped skin effect (kind a fell off bike wound)

Kryolan Hrvatska workshop special effects

I do have to admit that Kryolan Hrvatska’s special effects (radionica filmske šminke i specijalnih efekta) workshop really did impress me, I really didn’t expect this much. Both makeup artist are very good at what they do and you can see that they have many years of experience. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I first walked into the workshop. I attended the workshop for multiple reasons; one to get introduced to a few new products from Kryolan and two to learn something new from their makeup artists. I am however sad that I cannot attend the next workshop since you were only allowed to book yourself for one workshop, but at the same time I am very happy that I was able to attend a free Kryolan special effect workshop (“radionica filmske šminke i specijalnih efekta”) and learn more about the darker side of makeup.

another piece of my work: stab wound with a Q-tip and cracked skin

Kryolan Hrvatska special effects workshop

During the Kryolan Hrvatska special effects workshop, I learned how to make open wounds, scars, scabs and other effects so that they look more realistic and more Halloween oriented. Of course at the end of the day, practice makes perfect. I was very happy that I was able to work with new materials that I never used before and that I learned how to use it (in many ways). I was happy to have been able to test and try out Kryolan’s liquid latex which I can confirm totally impressed me. I was also able to learn in what ways I could use Kryolan’s Dermacolor for special effect makeup. During the workshop, 7/9 people were freelance or professional makeup artists and 9/10 were women. I do have to admit I though all 10 people were going to be women. Don’t know many men in Croatia that like to work with makeup. I was also happy to have been able to hang out with women that had the same interest in the darker side of makeup.

my work bruising – bad picture

Kryolan Mirel Gotal Mišak and Ela Milković

Once more I wanted to thank Kryolan Hrvatska (Croatia), Mirel Gotal Mišak and Ela Milković for their knowledge, patients and very educational special effects makeup workshop. Stay tune since I will be making a makeup tutorial with more upcoming horror themed makeup tutorials for Halloween, it is around the corner you know. I personally am going to be aiming at realistic wounds this year. Make sure to check out my Youtube channel – SmashinBeauty – every Tuesday and Thursday for new makeup tutorial, also don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for updates (no spam or ads I promise)

my works 3rd degree burn

What Kryolan products we used during the workshop

  • Collodium 
  • Thick and thin blood
  • Wax
  • Spirit gum
  • All clear
  • Wire sponge
  • Sponge
  • Sea sponge (or something that looks like it)
  • Latex
  • Tuplast

What we learned during the Kryolan Hrvatska (Croatia) special effect (“radionica filmske šminke i specijalnih efekta”) workshop

  1. 3D cuts, wounds, cuts scars, scabs…etc. 
  2. colouring of wounds, cuts scars, scabs…etc
  3. bruising and colouring of bruises
  4. blood application for a realistic effect and Halloween effect
  5. stab wound
  6. gun wound (in and out)
  7. stitches (with dermacolor)
  8. scratches
  9. blisters
  10. acne (realistic and big and yucky)
  11. latex manipulation

Other pictures from the Kryolan Special Effects Workshop: (more pictures on Fantastic Zagreb Facebook)

my hand and latex

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