Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection and Makeup Tutorial demo are here. I decided to make a video where you can see all that is included in the set and see what it looks like but also be able to see what look you can create using all the products. I decided to make a more simple everyday makeup tutorial look that I would wear. The new Sigma Beauty makeup collection is actually a beautiful nude oriented makeup collection. The three lip-glosses are idea for everyday wear and the eye shadows are pigmented and everyday colors. The blush is ideal for light to medium skin tones and you have three liners to choose from which you can use in many ways. If you prefer nude lips just use the lip concealer and top it off with a lip gloss to get a unique nude shade.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Makeup

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection

I bought the entire Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection, and instead of doing just a classic makeup review (make sure to check out he detailed makeup review) I decided to show you how I would use the entire collection of the bat just to make my own unique makeup look using all the products in the collection. In the video, you will notice that I also used my new makeup brushes, also from Sigma. I have been eyeing the Copper brush set for a long time now and wondering if it’s as good as the other brushes and why have they labeled them “professional makeup brushes”. Make sure to also read my detailed review of the Sigma Beauty Extravaganza copper kit professional brush collection.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection Makeup Tutorial

Products used:

  • Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection (review coming on Tuesday, so check back)

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