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La Roche Posay launch of Effaclar DUO+ Event + acne advice

Behold another beauty event report! Last night I attended La Roche Posay launch of Effaclar DUO+ event. You all probably already know about this cream but what you don’t know is that this is an update version of the cream. So this is all that went on that event.

First of all the La Roche-Posay event was held at THE best hotel in town Esplanade hotel. If you ever attended a wedding at this hotel then you know why this hotel is the best one in town. It basically screams luxury, a girl’s best friend besides diamonds (as Marilyn Monroe would say).

The event started off with checking in and entering a specially prepared “welcome room” and we were served with champagne and every champagne glass has a rose petal in it. Makes you feel special to be honest. In the next 20 minutes or so I was hanging out with a few other beauty bloggers and just catching up on random life events.

After that we were escorted to another room (usually they host weddings or other events in this room) and this is where they held the entire event. The front of the room was packed with Pharmacists and in the back of the room; by chance beauty bloggers were meeting up. In each seat their was a goodie bag waiting. I actually was wondering if everyone got the same thing? I noticed that some people got a pamphlet in their bags and two products, I didn’t get any pamphlet nor a face wash product (if I am correct). I mean I am fine with the cream that I got but I just wonder was everyone suppose to get two things or not? *update: some bloggers by mistake took the wrong bag which was intended for the doctors that came to the event. This commonly happens on events when goodie bags are not personally handed to you. Besides that conundrum, I was happy to get the new improved version of La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO Plus make sure to read my review.

The event lasted for about one hour. Our host Tanja greeted us and introduced Dr. Jelena Jakic that specialized in dermatovenerology. She prepared a lengthy and elaborated presentation using a detailed PowerPoint presentation in order to explaining why people get acne and what you’re suppose to do to get rid of it. Now to keep it short here are a few interested things that she mentioned.

La Roche Posay launch of Effaclar DUO+

85% of people between the ages of 11 – 30 have some case of acne. Acne can leave long-term scars physical and emotional. Usually people don’ t understand why they get acne. Acne is a skin condition, which is caused due a combination of many factors, some are genetic, food oriented, stress, hormonal, bacteria and UV rays while being overweight can make your acne worse. The worst kind of acne is nodulocystic (a type of cysts acne). Dr. Jakic informed us that there are a few ways you can treat acne (this also depends on which case of acne you have); with medication (such as retinoid), creams (such as Effaclar DUO+) but usually both combined together.

As I wrote above acne leaves two kinds of “scars” emotional, in teens it can lead to serious cases of depression, self-consciousness, anxiety and other emotional challenges. The physical scars that acne leaves are hyper pigmentation, deep acne “holes” (untreatable), Hypertrophic, Atrophic scars and other more serious skin issues, some are temporary while others are permanent. No matter what kind of “scar” acne leaves, in teens it usually leaves more emotional scarring than anything else.

Most cases of serious acne leaves teens all around the world emotionally scarred and feeling like something is wrong with them. Most acne victims do not know how to solve this problem, so Dr. Jakic told us that as soon as you start noticing that your skin has some changes, for example black or white heads it’s time to start treating your skin on a daily base. This can mean just make sure that your skin is clean on a daily base, such as washing your face with water and a mild soap in the morning and evening.

Dr. Jakic was also talking about some of the ingredients within the cream such as Zinc PCA that regulates the skin’s sebum, while Piroctone Olamine treatment of fungal and bacterial infections and calms any and all irritations.

Acne is a serious illness that more and more people are exposed to. If you suffer from any type of acne you should look for professional help from a dermatologist or even ask your local pharmacist. You need to treat your acne to prevent it from becoming a more serious type of acne, what can happen when you choose to ignore your acne.

The next person to speak was Tamara Tuđek, brand director La Roche-Posay. She spoke to us about the new and improved Effaclar DUO+ formula. This product is actually just a reformulated version of the original Effaclar DUO, which means that it does the same thing as the original formula, targets blemish prone skin by cleaning clogged pores and regulating imperfections and oiliness but now the new reformulated version also targets hyper pigmentation and darks spots. This new Effaclar DUO+ (plus) not only helps correct any and all imperfections but also prevents pigmentation scarring.

After that short presentation we were introduced to a woman named Ivana Pek. Ivana suffered from a more serious case of acne that just kept getting worse the more she ignored it. She decided to start a picture journal of her acne in 2007. She had a very serious case of acne and after some time was introduced to Effaclar DUO (by whom, I am not sure to be honest). She kept a picture journal and showed how her acne slowly but surely vanishes. She applied the Effaclar DUO twice a day (morning and evening). Five months later her acne was gone. To this day Ivana uses Effaclar DUO and still has clear skin. If you would like to see how her skin looked before make sure to check out the video below, beware there are some upsetting pictures of her skin inflammation due to acne.

With that, the presentation was over for the press and bloggers and we were then escorted to the dining room area of the Esplanada hotel and were treated finger food and drinks. I do have to admit that I did eat some food very yummy finger food even though my body doesn’t digest gluten and diary well. I got a “gluten baby” when I got home (my stomach by a bit bloated, but nothing too serious). During this time I was chatting with my other bloggers (anaviglam, maybesnewstart, beautybydawn, and others) about blogger topics and in general life. I was a little under the weather and tuned into the conversations held at the table. The waiter kept brining us food that was just too delicious and I just couldn’t resist the beautiful moose finger cakes.

Enjoy the pictures and expect a review in the next 3 weeks (the creams has been put to test from today).


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