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Shocking truth about makeup counter testers

In the drug store or at sephora, the brushes aren’t your biggest concern. It’s the makeup you are testing. A sales rep cleans the brushes, but people keep sticking their fingers in the testers. People walk right up to the makeup counters and grab a tester product and put it right on some part of their face (lips, cheeks…etc). No only did they pick up bacteria from the customer before them, but they also left some of their own bacteria in the makeup. Imagine the contamination … YUCK!!!

Shocking truth about makeup counter testers

My advice would be NEVER dip your finger into the testers. Always test it on the back side of your hand since you never know who was touching it before you and what that person touched before they touched the tester. If you are going to or need to test a foundation make sure it’s in a pump form. Squeeze some foundation out, wipe the pump tip with a clean tissue and if you have on hand, wipe the pump with an antibacterial wipe and then use the product. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee that the pump is bacteria free, but I am certain that it has killed a few germs along the way. Makeup testers are never really clean since many people have touched the product. Bacteria gathers fast and it multiplies quickly when it’s exposed to even more bacteria, plus the product is not keep under ideal conditions.

Do you sample products? If so, how? with your fingers, brushes? Do you have any other advice concerning testers? Share it with me in the comment section below! Thanks!

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