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“Vagina Nails” Are The Latest Nail Trend To Sweep Instagram.

Vagina nails” is taking over Instagram!

“Vagina nails” is taking over Instagram! Say what now? Instagram is the place to set trends and this one has rocked Instagram like no other trend. It’s because we are talking about Vaginas. Not your Vagina, but just Vagina. Imagine seeing a Vagina on someone’s nails. Sounds gross? Sound fun? Sounds cool? Be the judge yourself and have a peak at the photo below. FingerBangPortland recently posted a picture of someone’s nails with a female reproductive organ, it was pretty and pink and it might have had a piercing? Other nail techs soon followed.

Vagina nails is a trend?

Vagina nails have become so trendy that other nail techs are making their own version of this trend. Most of them are doing it to celebrate international women’s day some of them are doing it just for fun. Each nail tech is making it their own and changing the way the vagina looks on the nail, from more noticeable to less noticeable vaginas. That is a lot of vaginas. How long will this be popular? God knows.

Will you be making Vagina nails this summer? Would you make them? Have you seen them around? Let us know in the comment section below!

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