Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box Review + coupon code

Today I’m writing my first of many food reviews, Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box Review. I decided that I love these monthly subscription boxes. They let me try new things without going overboard with shipping and I don’t break the bank. This box was not sent to me as gift or for a review, so this is my honest review; and this post does not contain any affiliate links. So let’s get down to it. I will first tell you the process as to how to order than I will tell you how long I waited for the box and in the end what to expect and my review of it.

Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box Review

Bocandy is a monthly subscription box that sends international candies and snacks straight to your door. They claim to ship hard to find, exotic and new candy. You can choose from three boxes:  Bocandy Big Snack Box $20, Asian Candy Subscription Box $20, Bocandy Starter Box $9.99. Even though on their site they claim to have four, I was only able to find three boxes. You can choose to pay for the boxes in one of the four option: Month to Month, 3 Month Prepay, 6 Month Prepay, 12 Month Prepay. All subscriptions will automatically renew until cancelled. I placed an order for the Bocandy Starter Box since it was the cheapest and it claimed to send 5 to 7 delicious snacks from all around the world. This is the perfect starter kit. So I said, ok, if this is the starter kit then I will be able to get an idea of what to expect for the bigger boxes. Bocandy Shipping: it’s free to the US, military bases, and Puerto Rico. Everyone else in the world has to pay for shipping. My shipping the Europe cost $10, what is the same price as the box.

Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box review + Coupon Code

If you would like a Bocandy coupon code, please use this code: “SWEET” and save 20%. To continue this Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box Review. I would like to write how long I waited. Since this shipping was from the USA, I waited about 2 – 3 weeks or the box to arrive. The box looked small (refer to the pictures) so I didn’t expect much. I got eight pieces of product, I am not sure if this was a mistake since the max I was suppose to get was 7, I think they gave me by mistake 2 samples of the same product. Here is what I got in each box with pictures of what the candy looks like. I didn’t get any letter or information concerning the candy but this is what I found online in addition to the labels.


Bocandy Starter Box September 2016


Orion Mini Cola Candy – These tiny candies should taste like Coca Cola but they don’t. They do have a soda taste something like caramela and sprite.


Kabaya Juicy Cider Candy – There are 15 pieces and each one is the size of the cap.


Meisan Popping Cola Candy – It contains grape flavored pop rock candy with white hard candies.


Nordic Sweets Swedish Peppermint Candy Stick – very christmas like and very delicious.


Thomas the Tank Engine Grape taste Chewing Candy – very delicious tastes like grape.


Dutch Bakery Windmill Cookies – They are so yummy that I like them more than the typically swedish gingerbread cookies.

To sum up my Bocandy September 2016 Subscription Box Review, I would like to add that considering the price and the products that I got, the box costs me $20 per month what is more than the retail value of the box ($17-18). Even though this are good sizes of candies, I have to say that it just doesn’t pay off for me due to shipping. I will not be ordering this box again since it doesn’t pay off for me, but if you are located in the USA, this could be a fun box to try a few months in a row.

We in our house liked the candy in this order.

  1. Dutch Bakery Windmill Cookies
  2. Nordic Sweets Swedish Peppermint Candy Stick
  3. Thomas the Tank Engine Grape taste Chewing Candy
  4. Meisan Popping Cola Candy
  5. Kabaya Juicy Cider Candy
  6. Orion Mini Cola Candy


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