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How to become popular on youtube or the boss of youtube

The bosses of youtube aka popular on YT

Youtube has been around since 2005 and to be honest it’s nothing new, even though Google has been trying to make it seem like it’s a brand new shiny toy (step back Google and stop acting like a groupie) that everyone and their mother has to be part of (ah snap, Ya’ ain’t cool unless you on the YTube). Andy Warhol said it best when he said, “… in the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame…”. Well Andy, it seems that you were talking about YouTube. YouTube originally was another blogger platform that became popular as soon as it was made. In 2007, many today big YouTube gurus started their own channels in 2007 (+/- a year) such as Philip DeFranco, Shay Carl, Ray William Johnson, Michelle Phan and many others. Some other then well known YouTube Gurus stopped updating their channels or never really made it that big. There are reasons as to why some have succeeded and why others have not succeeded.

Image this conversations “Honey, look what we have here. You get 10,000 views for only $18 and you get those views in 3 days.” “But dear, you only make 20 cents or less on those 10,000 views”, “I don’t care, I’m gonna be “a famous” in a few days”. Yeah, you don’t make big bucks on YouTube (unless you’re rolling a mill’ per video). Even when YouTube first started handing out cash like no ones business there were always limitations and rules that stopped you from making money while YouTube made big bucks on your work. Why? Because YouTube is like a casino, the house always wins! Deal with it, you in to lose!  YouTube is a business that has to make money in order to survive and now that it was sold to Google the tables have oh so changed.

In 2010, if I remember correctly, marketing companies started to work with YouTube where they offered YouTube partnerships to people that couldn’t get partnership. Partnerships started in 2007, but basically like 3 people had them. You had to have over 300,000 views what at that time was huge and you had to be in the US. There were many people that had numbers like that but were breaking copyright laws and YouTube was like “AAAAH, snap girl no ya’ didn’t! No partnership for you”. Up until 2013, YouTube was (and still is) very strict about who can and who cannot get partnership. Don’t mess with YouTube. Today many countries can become YouTube partners no matter how many subscribers you have. This keeps changing every few years. If you are not in the YouTube “partnership” countries you can wait it out and make videos because you like to so when they include your country you will have a well-established channel. One thing you do not want to do is lie about your location, that actually is one of the “10 deadly sins of YouTube”. When Google gets mad, it will blacklist you forever not literally but even a month on Google’s Internet is a long time, so do keep this in mind since Google controls the Internet today, without him you are nothing, he is God.

How to become popular on youtube

So, how did they make it big? Let’s be honest, some channels are just interesting and very entertaining. I have been watching Philip DeFranco, Shay Carl, Ray William Johnson, Michelle Phan since day one and today Jenna Marbles, funniest chick online since like the beginning of YouTube. They always have up to date content and keep it fresh on a daily base. Those are just people that know how to entertain others. Today, most of them have other people working with or for them that help their videos improve, and their channels grow. Then there were some channels, such as Sony and Universal that made it in the international press because they bought over 2 billion views on YouTube to make their channels popular. Other channels actually grew with the popular sub for sub movement in 2010, but that ended quickly since people weren’t subscribing back. Other channels became popular because they were recommended by other mega YouTube Gurus, such as Promise Phan, at that time, no one did transformation tutorials so Promise was honestly very cool and a different. The newest way to become the next big thing on YouTube is to be headhunted. Headhunters are always on the look out for new talents that make their own unique content. These headhunters work for various companies that offer you instant partnership. These companies that offer instant partnership have very strict and binding contracts. Make sure to read the fine print and have a lawyer look through them. I have read way too many online articles that people sign contracts and basically hand over their channel and name to that company not knowing it and even worse that they can never break the contract without taking serious legal steps.  Another interesting and fun way to become famous on YouTube is to have an agreement with certain makeup portals or brands that push your makeup looks (and vice versa) and turn you into a big overnight “sensation”.

The truth on how to become popular on YouTube

The facts remain that YouTube is a video blogger community that behaves like any other blogger community. If you have a fun, entertaining channel with time if viewers really like your content your channel will grow. There is no true secret ingredient to becoming popular on YouTube since the key to success actual lies in your own brain. I guess what I am trying to say is make good content and if people like it they will share and your channel will grow. Even if the media does shares your content, this again does not promise mega success. Honestly, it’s a combination of factors: fun, entertaining, subscriber base…etc. It’s like making a stew, you need many ingredients to make a good stew, and the same thing applies for becoming the boss of YouTube.

Welcome to the dark side of YouTube

Once you become an establish youtuber then you will at the same time enter the dark side of YouTube. With success come the trolls, the frustrated and the crazies. YouTube is a place where you will be exposing yourself to fun characters and some possibly  some people that escaped from the looney bin. If you don’t have thick skin, stay away from YouTube. My favorite Youtube “commenters” (is that a word?) are “when suddenly a grammar Nazi appears” or “I don’t always post a comment on a video, but when I do… I post two”.  You will get hate comments almost under every single video the bigger that you get. But in most cases if you were building your channel slowly, you will have many wonderful subscribers that are just lovely people that encourage and support your channel. These are the people that are the reason why your channel is growing. These are the people that share your video, comment, like and support your creative ideas and content.

How I grew my channel

My lovely subscribers are everyday people like me that ask me to make content that I like and funny enough they like. I love that I managed to find a group of people that understand and like my type of content. My channel is slowly growing thanks to their love and support. So, the secret to becoming the boss of YouTube is your subscribers. If people like your content you will grow. So all the media attention, all the press won’t help you unless the people that come to your channel like your content. Many other channels have become popular because they recorded their cute pets doing silly pet things. Of course, we all know that cats actually own Google and Youtube, right? This would explain why all of these videos are one of the most watched videos online.

The moral of the story is that many of these channels just started to use YouTube as a way to share what they loved and then by chance they became an Internet sensation. Now to sum it all up here are six simple steps on how to become the boss of YouTube.

1.  Be You! Be Unique!

Remember, there is one Michelle Phan or one Philip DeFranco, it’s always better to be a first grade version of you than a second grade version of someone else’s imagination. So, don’t be fake, just be yourself!

2. Don’t do it because of the money 

There is a rumor going around that YouTube channels make a boatload of money, this is a lie, most channels do not make a boatload of money, most channels make almost pennies, You really need a huge fan base and at 6 numbers per video to be rolling in some money. No one started doing YouTube knowing that they will make it a full time job. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t! Do it because you like it.

3. Don’t do it because of the fame

Talented people want their talent to been seen they never did it because of the fame, but the fame comes with the package. Example, Leonardo DiCaprio enjoyed acting and was good at it. He didn’t do it because he wanted to be rich or famous, he did it because he enjoyed this job and the rest just followed. Most people on YouTube just want their art to be seen and appreciated, they actually don’t want fame, and are aware that your YT channel will never give you a real life paycheck (in most cases)

4. Content is King

Make content that is interesting to you. If it’s not interesting to you, it won’t interest anyone else.

5. The Haters & The Lovers

Never let the praises get to your head (keep it real), but don’t let the crazy haters crush your gentle heart. You need to get that thick skin out and on and let the crap bounce right off. The majority of famous people would rather not be famous, people just don’t get this.

6. Don’t Spam

You will not get more views or subscribers because you leave spam comments on other channels, such as “I did the same video check it out” or “ hey, I subscribed can you subscribe back”. Honestly, most YouTube channels ban people like that since we all hate spammers. Your channel will not grow from that behavior but it will get the opposite effect and you will be banned on those channels permanently.

That basically wraps it up, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you would like to add something to this article, feel free to leave your tips and ideas in the comment section below. We all know that YouTube is a constant growing. It’s like a virus that changes the way it grows and functions almost on a tri-monthly bases now a days.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.


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